Toriko Reaches its ‘Climax’. Series to end soon.




Another series in Jump has announced its conclusion. With the pacing for the Toriko manga as of late its no surprise that the now announced ‘climax’ for the Toriko manga is upon us. In the 49th issue of Shonen Jump, the series announced that it will be receiving an extended 31 page chapter for in the next issue which is poised to be the final chapter.


The announcement was made at the end of Chapter 394



We’ve seen the term ‘Climax’ used in the past to reference the final chapter and it does appear to be the case here for Toriko but given the ambiguity of the term it might mean there may be something beyond the next issue of Jump but its likely that Chapter 395 will be the finale for the Toriko manga.

  • MsChanify

    Ha, called it. Knew it’ll either end in 395 or 400 :D.

  • Do you have a definite source? There are many elements to Toriko’s story which haven’t been wrapped up. It seems to me we may be in for act three. Isn’t it usually announced ahead of time when a long runner is on its final arc?

    • jojo

      basically my opinion is that this series was axed so there will be no wrap up. The loose ends will stay loose unless they have an Afterwards chapter