Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 97.


This was a true mission to complete. Thanks to the glorious Mephisto for the translation. Next week should be better.

tgre_97_01 tgre_97_03 tgre_97_04 tgre_97_05 tgre_97_06 tgre_97_07 tgre_97_08 tgre_97_09 tgre_97_10 tgre_97_11 tgre_97_12 tgre_97_15 tgre_97_16 tgre_97_17 tgre_97_18

  • Scarecrow

    dat was fast\n

    • Serpent


      • IColnieFairy


  • YourGod

    Amon is taking dem Ls, lol.

  • Liam Mahon

    Cheers Yonkou. Maybe you can ask Makyun for help next week

  • Mana Light

    ogirinal size is 1300 px high but it looks smaller in blog. it is still good but bigger will be easier to read.