Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 86 Spoilers


Spoilers for SNK Chapter 86

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  • Alex Drake

    Zeppelins and a ton of world building. Well this chapter looks to be promising

  • Rafael Santos

    Is it just me or the art is a little bit off

    • Maluta Philipp

      suppose, it’s Ymir’s drawings – not Isayama’s

      • Yunacee

        or maybe it was from one of the books in the basement

    • Vanne

      it’s always a little bit off

  • outsider

    i guess that kid is doctor yaeger yes ?

  • Vanne

    i’m not ready for all this information

  • claudia puravet

    So the beast titan is Grisha’s son?

    • Bertolt

      It looks like it yeah. It was alluded to by what Zeke said a couple chapters ago I think?

      • claudia puravet

        I wonder if Grisha’s wife/girlfriend is still alive. Maybe Eren could meet her one day.

        • Bertolt

          Yeah! I’d be interested to see an interaction with Zeke and Eren when they’re not fighting, too. All-in-all, things seem like they’re going to get really interesting. :^D

        • Vanne

          Grisha’s wife looks oddly familiar to the titan that ate Erens mom, don’t ya think? <_<'

          • claudia puravet

            Maybe it is her. Maybe she ate Eren’s mom because she was jealous that Grisha married her.

          • Rescue Me

            There’d be absolutely no way she could have known that. You can’t control yourself as a Titan anyway, so even if she had known where Grisha’s house was beyond the way, and that he had remarried, and what his wife looked like, SHE STILL has no control over her self. \nThat’s a huge stretch you guys. But the author having this person turned into a Titan and incidentally be the one who eats the MC’s mother would be really twisted, and so I can imagine Isayama doing that for kicks.

          • claudia puravet

            I was just joking. I know that Titans have no control over their actions. But it would be interesting if it was her.

          • Rescue Me

            You were kidding, but I’ve come across too many people that are seriously considering this. \n\nHonestly, I wish this chapter never happened. Everything about it is…kind of disappointing. The backstory, people’s theories, character reveals, everything. Probably just because people have created their own theories and fandom a have their favorite stuff, but… This whole thing just seems dumb.

          • Vanne

            well well well look who was right 😉

  • Bertolt

    The one thing I’m having a hard time understanding here is; is this insinuating that the humans outside the Walls (not the ones we know I don’t think) persecuted titans/titan shifters? Or there was some kind of war? Who was the war between, and who was this seeming victim (AKA the side that Grisha is on)?\n\nI’m gathering what I can from the pictures but without knowing what it says my theorizing is pretty limited.

    • Neymar Sanchez

      Theres an english version on manga fox and mymangaonline

  • Jose Fely Añez Anija

    I thought it was gonna be one chapter, but it looks like its gonna be two or more explaining, shiiiit!

    • Alan David

      Are you like 12 years old? Why would you want this heavy stuff explained in one chapter? Grow up and learn how to appreciate a good story. If you can’t handle it then go watch some Transformers Michael Bay trash kid.

      • cyberdream

        I watch that

      • Dave Perry

        Gheeze relax… Some people want information faster than others nothing wrong with that

      • analfistbuttsex

        “Good story” kill yourself faggot.

        • Sam

          I think you’re the faggot if you don’t think it’s a good story and are still reading it.

          • analfistbuttsex

            You’re the faggot if you think that I don’t think that the story is good.

      • analfistbuttsex

        You’re obviously have shit taste.

      • Nags

        “Are you like 12 years old?” \n\nAny1 else laugh at the irony considering the rest of his post?

      • morningtoke

        Shut up faggot, we’ve been waiting like three years for this shit. I don’t wanna wait another goddamn month either

      • Rescue Me

        The hell is wrong with you?? When’s the last time we’ve been given so many pages with so much info?? As I was looking at them it really did look like this was gonna be two chapters instead of one.

  • indignado

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!it seems that Grisha lived in a world,in wich he was prosecuted because he is (maybe)jewish!he was in a ghetto,separated from the rest,his sister died victim of the soldiers,he entered in a sort of cult in which there´s a legend in which giants (titans)set free his people in the past,he marries with a party partner and have a son,that seems that betrayed his own father and it looks that is Zeke

    • Neymar Sanchez

      go on manga fox

  • Rafael Santos

    Ohhh SHIT. This i getting kinda anticlimactic we go from being in a cage to a world war scenery like wtf

    • Kerk Crotchlickmeoff

      I have to agree. All of a sudden gears shift. For 60 chapters, it was all about repelling the untaught of mindless monsters, and now it’s about other countries and political intrigues.

    • Obdulio Rockefeller

      How can a world war scenario be something anticlimatic?

  • SPzenku44

    Huh didn’t expect that. Kinda knew Zeke was related to Grisha in some way.

  • coma caca

    omg, THIS FUCKING MANGA! Does anyone noticed how one of the officials looked like Keith Shadis?

  • analfistbuttsex

    /a/ lied, this chapter was shit.

    • Mystogan

      How is this chapter shit, we don’t even have the full chapter or any translations

  • Shelly the kid

    So if we kill God? All humans will come back to life? XD\n\nI read a similar story to this except that it involves religion and Angels killing humans to make more Angel armies because they fight with the demons a lot.\n\nIt’s called Godspeed! lol\n\n\n\n(Of course? Being AOT. I think we could see a more darker take on it since we are almost at the 100 mark of the manga series.) :3

  • n8

    Titan Boobies hehe

  • holy shit

  • Selva

    Zeke the snitch! ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

  • Jose Fely Añez Anija

    I’ve already translated some pages to spanish, at the end of the chapter says “Will be continued on December Edition” We have to wait until december. Zeke sposed his parents to “Mare” goverment (i don’t know the reason)

    • December edition wil come out in november, this chapter came out in november edition. Next month has chapter as is normal.

    • Mystogan

      The issue is always 1 month ahead but the next chapter will come in November.

  • Sarge

    Is there a translation somewhere?

    • Neymar Sanchez

      on manga fox and mymangaonline

  • outsider

    Fuck this i need to learn reading Japanese damn it

  • Lounis Nei

    to me it’s confirmed he is taking the example from north korea in alot of things u get me guys ? i mean they don’t give … on what happening out their country and alot of things like that also they can’t leave it

    • Neymar Sanchez

      I had nazi german vibes from it especially with the armbands they had to wear like the jews