Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 85 Spoilers


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Ending translation

This is…
– A portrait?
– No…
– It’s so realistic, I can’t believe it’s a drawing…

– In the back, this was written in father’s handwriting: “This is not a drawing”.

Page 2

– “This is the reflection of the light of the objects burned on special paper. It’s called a photograph”.
– “I came from outside the wall, where people live in luxury”
– “Humanity is not extinct at all”

  • Black Diamond

    Levi kicked in the door.\nOh\n

    • samjama

      laughed on that part πŸ˜€ why the hell he needed a key? πŸ˜€

      • Kezia Maru ケジをまる

        It isn’t for the basement (there’s more spoilers on IG & tumblr)

      • Mystogan

        It’s for the drawer

    • Biggie would be proud.

  • Brian

    What the fuck is this shit!? So modern society is beyond the wall?! Then what the hell does it mean to be a warrior?! Why must everyone in the walls be killed?! Where is Ymir?! Why must Bertolt die!?

  • Mystogan

    It’s Happening!

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    • ImbrasaiteRedvita

      lol what begins? :D\neverything begun quite a while ago.

      • Esther Flumpinson

        The end πŸ˜€

  • 85 chapters guys give yourself a pat on the back and probably book an appointment to a therapist soon if you haven’t already. (I know I will *sobs*)

    • ImbrasaiteRedvita

      wth are you even talking about πŸ˜€


  • AttackOnRinsButt

    *Sees Levi kick the door* I mean, who needs a key. Opening a door with a key is too mainstream.\n\nALSO WHAT.\nI HAD A THEORY THAT OUTSIDE THE WALLS IT WAS MORE MODERN AND SUCH. *mind blown*

    • Kezia Maru ケジをまる

      Many ppl had make that theory already

      • AttackOnRinsButt

        Don’t burst my bubble, fren. \nI don’t read theories online, it kinda messes me up and stuff, so yeah c’:

        • Kezia Maru ケジをまる

          Aaaah sorry then T_T

          • AttackOnRinsButt

            It’s fine, I didn’t mean for it to come off rude or anything. I am sorry

    • Katie

      I have a theory that Zeke is Eren’s half-brother. Think about it, hey compared Zeke to Grisha and there’s a young boy sitting in a woman’s lap with Grisha right next to them… I think the young boy is Zeke and Zeke is Grisha’s son.

  • reluctantheroine

    oh my god

  • Viciouss

    I knew it…Planet of the Apes!!!1!!!111one

    • Alex Drake

      Not quite since from the sound of things the outside world is just fine and dandy.

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  • Eclairius
  • claudia puravet

    Honestly, I’m surprised they got to the basement in this chapter. I thought it would take a few more chapters at least. But I’m glad they’re finally there. I’m confused about the picture. Didn’t the people in the walls already have photos? I remember Connie holding a photo of his mom. Or was that just a drawing? And there are people still alive outside the walls. It sounds like there’s a lot of them too. That’s good. I wonder how many people are alive? And how have they survived the Titans? I can’t wait for the next chapter to learn more.

    • ImbrasaiteRedvita

      umm. You guys seriously thought that there were no other people left in the whole wide world? I mean there has to be continents, and these people inside the walls seem to be a tad bit behind in the communicative technology. \nThere HAS to be people outside. I mean come on.

      • claudia puravet

        I thought there was still people outside the walls, just not a lot. I thought the only people that were alive were the people in Reiner and Berthold’s villages.

        • Akaashi Hatake

          If you think about it, people have to exist outside of the walls in order for things such as the ocean to be reported and reproduced in Armin’s book.

      • Kerk Crotchlickmeoff

        I DID think that because the manga and the show told us so in the beginning. No, I mean, I get that there would be other tiny settlements surviving, like in the steep mountains, but this seems to indicate way more.

      • mowkai

        how were they to know how big the world is?? they practically thought everything was ruined with titans and there was nowhere safe but inside the walls. look at it from their perspective

    • Alex Drake

      Pretty sure the titans are only a problem for those inside the walls.

    • Sinaticus

      honestly im surprised theres a basement!!!

    • R8 you’re Manga

      They were drawings. They didn’t have photographs or anything.

  • Dina Abd

    I swear to God my life was a lie

  • Strawberry Milk

    Here the maze runner started lady’s and gentlemen

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    pffffffffffffffffffffftttt XD lol they went to the wrong basement XD

  • Rebeka Buracaite

    this is the biggest troll of the century XD

    • Satan Uchiha

      If this stuff is real, then I’m gonna laugh at you. -^β€’

  • grazce Montero

    for real?! \nDem Isayama! Letting us live in false hope all this time! LOL

  • Kerk Crotchlickmeoff

    I’m scared….Please don’t pull the Truman Show on us, Isayama!

  • Paty hatake:3

    Omg, is this Divergent or the maze runner?

    • Ihsan Fikrie

      Excatly what I think

    • Elisabeth h

      no…. please no

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  • Finally the basement. Sent by

  • Yossi Shohami

    oh my god\nif humanity isnt extinct out side at all\nmaybe\nattack on titan is like the movies of insurgent and divergent!\noh shit

    • Akaashi Hatake

      Or like the hunger games? And those citizen’s who are outside of the walls are somehow watching the events unfold? What if all those titans that suddenly appeared several chapters ago were indeed ‘released’ by those out of the walls?

  • Ahmad Jundi

    so strange

  • Eren:”Levi why did you never told us you could kick doors?”\nLevi:”You never asked”

  • Mr. Satan

    That’s too fucking anti-climactic

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    AMHGQKEJHDQ:EDQWEKNGu#aheqi wudQaeVBGyiqegFqw edwdefjwuLKSDFJWHNDFWKRFH WHAT iS THIs??????!!!

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