Red Sprite Chapter 1 Spoilers


Here’s a preview for Yagi Tomohiro’s new series Red Sprite. Be sure to check this series out!


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The crimson thunder echos. Time for the ship to depart, for the revolution to start! 

This ship’s name is “Red Sprite”!

A remote region of the Edenia Kingdom an abandoned cathedral’s orphanage, kids are play fighting…

And the winner is Tatsu (our MC), he dons a hat and gains the rights to a sword and mantle alongside the title of “Captain”. His friends are surprised its Tatsu who wins again.

Our caretaker “Professor Durant” arrives on the scene and tells the kids off for using swords whilst the Tatsu bemoan the fact that Durant takes the sword and mantle from him.

Scene changes and the children are studying in class, they’re studying Social Studies and Science today whilst the children whine about the topic.

Roughly 10 years ago, the entire city used coal and steam as a means of fuel for transportation. The kids ask about horse-carts and Durant responds those as well. However, society has advanced and now uses another form of energy for fuel, electricity.

And what produces said electricity?



Wrong! It’s something more powerful.

Ah, “Thundercores”!!

Correct, the Thundercore fuel is extracted deep from the ground and the energy produced helped society progress greatly with the ability to transport large quantities of cargo and increased production in manufacturing.

The world’s civilisation made one great step forward thanks to Thundercores.

Street lights, Cars, Trains…

And that thing you guys love…


Now, take a look outside everyone!

It’s an airship!!

That’s the private, large-sized passenger & cargo ship, “Skirvir”. It’s about to land on the city’s air field.

The advancements in thundercore technology has allowed for the invention of airships which are able to carry cargo previously unfeasible using the old propellor technologies.

Kids continue ignoring the teacher and begin to draw an airship.

Durant approaches a child called Mono.


You can’t get along with the other kids yet? I know, it’s just been four days since you came here…But it must be tough to not talk with anyone, right?

What did you say, you dumbass!?


We’re all brainstorming about the ship that will take us all over the world one day!! You have to pitch in an idea too since you’ll be riding on it.

Mono suggests the bathroom and the toilet and a cinema.

Our “Captain” Tatsu tells Professor Durant to pick a name for the ship, and not a lame one.

How about “Sprite”?



Nice one, Professor!!

It’s done!! Our cathedral’s special airship! SPRITE!!

If we fly with Sprite…we can freely go wherever we want!

We can’t land, because we’d spread the illness, but…we can see the whole world from the skies!

The iron-like thing on our hands is the mark of the illness, right? When will it heal…?


With this airship, I bet we can even go to the flying island, Magonia!

Magonia’s a fairytale, come on…No way it is!!!

Okay everybody! Lets get back to the lesson!

Look, teach! Lots of tiny airships are floating in the air!


Here you are kids! Do you remember me, dears?

It’s mommy! <3 (Note this dude is creepy AF)

How…did you find us…?! Lt. Colonel Shepherd…!

Shut your filthy mouth, you rotten, traitorous thief!! /// The fairies have led me here!

Oh my….! (heart) It’s you!

Mono: !? I didn’t do any…

Mono’s emits electromagnetic waves that are stronger than anyone else! Powerful enough to reach the army’s radar from this godforsaken place! I could come here thanks to you, dear!

Mono: Its my fault?!

“Thundercore humans” thought they could hide away here, Durant? You’ve underestimated their power, you poor fool!

Thundercore… humans…?

Well well, my sweet little angels! Forgive me for making you live like normal people until now!

I’ll let you go back to your proper forms <3

Leave my friends alone, you maniac!! Or you’ll have to fight me, the captain!!

That’s fine by me. We’re starting from Tatsu then.


What is the meaning of this, Durant? Could it be that a failure like you grew attached to them? I will let you have a wonderful death in front of the children, then! By compressing your heart until it’s crushed…!

I’m sorry, Tatsu…! Saving you was all I could do…!

Capture him!! Go over the forest!!

Prof…!! Your heart’s still crackling…! Yeah, I’m fine…! I’m doing this myself. It’s like defibrillation on my crushed heart… I’m moving it with electrical massage…!

There’s something I have to tell you…As long as I can…

The hospital’s not this way, prof!

We’re not going there.

They already caught up…! Why are they chasing us so much…!?

They came to take you kids back. Take us back…? What do you…

They’re close! Hide, now!


This way! Don’t leave them room to run!


Durant takes out some soldiers


Prof, that was amazing…

Tatsu. Come here, you have to see something. It could be painful…but I have to show you.

Do you remember? In class…we talked about “thundercores”.

Eh? Why do you talk about that now…? Thundercores gave great power to humanity, developed cities and things. They shaped the world as it is now.

But…This resource houses a terrifying side, which could not be made public. Thundercores can be found in ancient fossils which rested underground for tens of thousands of years. After time passed, their energy started decreasing.

Even so, they were enough to provide energy to the cities, but… this country’s military has been looking for a way to draw out their original energy all this time. And this is the result.

Durant shows a Thundercore Human whose electricity is being drawn out.

Yes… a human. They injected a living human with thundercores, /// implanted electrodes in their hands and draw electricity from them. This is a “Thundercore Human”.

I am not sure how, but with this method, thundercores recovered energy…The output increased as if multiplied by thousands.Two or three particularly powerful ones are enough to move a battleship.

Electrodes in…their hands…?

Prof…You said this is an illness that grows iron in our bodies…

The man from before, Shepherd…executed a human experiment in order to create thundercore humans with higher performance…

Using thundercores too powerful to be injected into people…he conditioned especially suitable children from their infancy…


Seven children were created…Possessing incredible power within their body…


I’m sorry…! I know it’s a horrible story…but I had to tell you now…

I came to the city to make you flee underground. They will chase you, detecting the magnetic waves emitted by the bodies of thundercore humans.

If you go underground…

Everybody…The others who got kidnapped…What will happen to them…? Will they become mummies, like that man…?

Maybe ten years from now…

That’s why…at least you… I wanted at least you to be free.


I want to play fight with them!! I want to ride an airship with them!!! Go all over the world, wherever we want!! it’s all meaningless without the others!!

I don’t care if I have to fight the army or the country!!



*cough cough*

Aaah, I’m sorry!

You said that exact same thing!

Okay… hear me out!

What you have inside you is…*cough* “High Speed Conductive Core Blood”.

To put it simply, this thundercore boosts the electric current’s speed to incredible levels…It’s one of the cores that exceeds the limits of physical phenomena. If the river spinning the watermill doubles in speed, isn’t it something? It becomes instantaneously an incredible power.

It needs work to be used in fighting, though, I’m sure that bright red lightning will become your strength. It’s going to be rough, but bear with me.


I’m sorry…! This was the only way. I released all the electricity left within me and awakened your core.


Me too…I was the same as everyone and the guy on the other side, I was a slave, it was so hard…so painful…

Nothing but despair. Somebody saying the dumb things you just did came to save us.

I was so happy…! I felt saved.

That’s why I decided I would…save them…save the kids.

Do your best…Tatsu…

Be strong…


Professor dies

I’m going ahead, Professor…

Six years later

Edenia’s capital city: Military Arsenal Town

Glory to Edenia, the one country of justice

Waiting for tomorrow’s celebration of Edenia’s magnificent triumph in the great war all citizens are filled with joy and happiness.

Mommy, look! A big airship!!


I didn’t hear about this! The Skirvir was a private vessel!

This kind of output exceeds its specs! If you try to sustain it all with human electricity sources…!!

How many thundercore humans do you plan to kill!? Lt. Colonel Shepherd…!!

I myself loathe to have to see all these sewer rats. But isn’t it inevitable, Dr. Randolph? There is no other fuel available for tomorrow’s parade, after all.

If only we had that kid…we wouldn’t have had to use this garbage.

Well then, you filthy power cells. You have the chance to exchange your pathetic lives and blood into precious energy. Until you become dried ash!

That’s enough, scumbag!

Tatsu appears 

What in the world….!? I trained my body to accept this power  learned how to fight with it for six years

For you and this ship to appear together in this city…!

I have been waiting, sharpening my fangs…!

I am the captain of Durant’s disciples from the abandoned cathedral…The Red Lightning, Tatsu Frampt!!

Prepare yourself!!


Haha…!!! It’s back…! My little fairy came back!! I’m going to free you from all that meat! I’ll crush it and squeeze it all~!!!


He’s parrying…the bullets?

What did you…!? How can you…!?

Now I see…!

The high-speed current within you…!!

It’s like it’s running through your nerves…! You burned it in them, right…? Thanks to that, you achieved high-speed reflexes and movement…!

Oh God..! In these six years…

I can just picture…what you did to your body…hehe!

Show me more. Go ahead.

If you can, that is.

The less I talk with you, the better. So I will ask one thing only. Where is everybody?

My friends! Tell me where they are!

Hee hee…

Fine, I will tell you…! My reward for your splendid growth <3

Although I only know about one of them. They took the other children away from me.

But you can find this child easily. Tomorrow’s war triumph parade.

Its star is…Great Atlas, the giant ground warship.

Inside its engine room…There’s “Mono” <3


You’re not going to avenge that guy’s death?

I have already.

He sheathes his sword 

Taste the pain of a crushed heart.

Thundercore Humans: Unbelievable…! He took out all the soldiers by himself…Who the heck is that guy…?

Tatsu: Brothers and sisters!


You can stay here, as you have until now! Live as cattle for this country, shed your blood until you die!


You can come with me! Stand against this inhumanity and depart on a voyage towards freedom!

Thundercore Humans: What the heck is he saying…? There’s no way we can escape here anyway…!

There is!!

This very ark, soaring in the skies!! He can’t mean…!?

Is he insane!?

Or rather…Who are you anyway!?

I am glad you asked! I am…

The pioneer of all Thundercore Humans! The one and only Captain Tatsu Frampt!

What was that loud noise just now…? It came from the army base!

Mommy, look! A huge airship! It’s bright red! So pretty!

End TEXT: The ship leaves now, towards freedom!

Red Sprite Chapter 1


Set sail towards hope! Next chapter: The battle for recapture begins!