One Piece Chapter 853 Spoilers


Chapter 853 “Not here!”

Mom caught Brook by the head and is caressing it
The pirate hat Mom wears, “Two-horned Napoleon”, the thundercloud Zeus and the sun Prometheus
are parts of Mom, which received soul directly from her; these 3 are on a different level than the other souls.

The chess soldiers inspect Brook and find out nothing has been stolen.
Mom is relieved and pets/cuddles Brook.

Mom: “I can’t let the Poneglyph’s copy to be stolen, you see~~”
Mom: “If they take it away and someone gets to Raftel before me again I’d look like a fool, no?”
Mom: “I’m not going to mess up again like the time with Roger!”

Pudding comes to Mom.

Mom: “What happened? Did you unleash the true power of your third eye or something?”

Pudding: “I’m mixed, remember? There’s no guarantee I can awaken that kind of power.”
Mom: “Sorry, sorry. but there’s no mistake, you do have the blood of the rare third-eye tribe within you.”

(Note: The “mixed” Pudding says means that she’s not a full-blood Third-eye tribe.)

Pudding notices Brook is there and acts all nice again, then tells Mom she’d like to speak to her in Mom’s room in private.

3rd floor, inner garden

Baron Tamago has changed form, turning into Viscount Hiyoko (Hiyoko = chick)
Pedro cuts Hiyoko in half.
The cut Hiyoko tries to change form again
According to a subordinate, Baron Tamago has the “Tama Tama no Mi”: from Baron Tamago it can apparently evolve to Viscount Hiyoko and Count Niwatori (Niwatori = Chicken)
Pedro heard that Count Niwatori is supposed to be a true knight, and tries to deliver the last blow before the evolution.
The soldiers try to stop Pedro, but Pedro, after making sure that the soldiers are gathered around him,
stops attacking Hiyoko and takes out a dynamite stick he was secretly holding, and makes it explode.

Mirror World

Bropper manages to save Pedro from the explosion in the nick of time, using a mirror that was in the inner garden.
Bropper hears about what happened to the other crewmembers from Pedro and goes to save them.
Carrot asks the mirror for everyone’s whereabouts, and the mirror answers honestly.

3rd floor Baum

Luffy is looking for Sanji while kicking the soldier’s asses. Reiju grabs him and brings him into her room.
Reiju tells him that Sanji was there till moments ago and knows about Pudding’s true self.
Luffy is relieved that Sanji is aware of her lies and runs out of the room.

Reiju: “Where are you going?”
Luffy: “The place of the promise is not here!!”

Sanji is alone in the castle, deeply thinking.
(I can’t turn back anymore…Luffy…)
Luffy runs out of the castle and goes to that place.

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  • Possible scenario: Big Mom tamed by Brook’s charm? Or simply play with him after she subdued him completely…? Like an owner of a fav pet.

    • I wouldnt be surprised at this point if the arc ends with sudden announcement of Brook n Big Mom’s wedding XD tbh. That story about Roger may suggest Mom or one daughter was supp to marry him. Let the history repeat itself again.

  • \nI wouldnt be surprised at this point if the arc ends with sudden announcement of Brook n Big Mom’s wedding XD tbh. That story about Roger may suggest Mom or one daughter was supp to marry him. Let the history repeat itself again !!! 🙂

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