One Piece Chapter 848 Spoilers



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Cover: the crew in red suits and dresses Color spread: Crew in red coats in a snowy forest Behind the cover: Luffy’s first appearance

848 : Goodbye

Mom disregards Luffy’s taunts As the next day she will obtain the Germa’s power and the Tamatebako, she feels like she can forgive anything Then, she is informed that an intruder appeared in the treasure room

Sanji’s room

While thinking about the Baratie and the crew, Sanji’s going ga-ga over Pudding

Pudding’s room

Mom shoots down the dress chosen by Pudding and tells her to wear a dress chosen by her (Mom) Pudding stands alone on the balcony in the rain, thinking about Lola, who ran away saying that she will decide her marriage herself.

In Wholecake castle

Pedro’s making a huge ruckus, fighting security with his sword and gunpowder Tamago, while chasing Pedro, receives a message from Smoothie Apparently Brook entered the treasure room and locked it from inside Tamago warns that bones is a rare beast that Mom wants, so he’s not to be killed

Inside the treasure room

Chess soldiers attack Brook Brook turns them powerless with his guitar and singing

Brook: “You don’t know my other name, do you!? BABY” Brook: “It’s Soul King!” Brook: “Patched-up souls like you cannot hope to stand before the scream of my obsessed soul!”

Prisoner library

Pudding came to see Luffy She has a page marker put inside the book and enters into a cage She apologizes to Luffy for everything that happened She then says that Sanji proposed to her, but she won’t go on with the marriage Then says something else faintly, so that only Luffy and Nami can hear Luffy and Nami look shocked

Pudding: “Goodbye”

She says farewell to Luffy while crying

Continues to next week

  • Savior

    Wow !!! Brook is in the rocking mood. Never expected this from Pudding. Gotta see how Big Mom will react after all this. Anyway thanks Yonkou.

  • Hm… looks like she will kill herself. Wow, dark stuff Oda !

    • G_Spark233

      She’s probably going to run away lol

      • Would they be shocked ?

        • G_Spark233


          • Why ?

          • G_Spark233

            Because she’s defying Big Mom.

          • I mean, she was pretty much helping them get into her mother’s territory until now, even though she was being equally manipulated probably… I mean, that girl is naive. She may think that killing herself will repair the situation.

          • G_Spark233

            She’s not that retarded. She’s probably just going to run away.

          • Yeah, just their reaction is kin’o too severe to be just her running away. Or so I think

          • Now that we see the scans it seems like she lets them get away plus she places herself in their place, maybe to give the mom an ultimatum ?

          • Nope, I read on ms. She will kill herself, not onfirmed tho … lol ?

          • G_Spark233

            I’ve read it and the Lola flashback makes her intentions very clear.

          • Maybe. I never defend my thinking, I just love theorizing XD :p I simply cannot see what u are describing as the true nature of her decision. Yet? We will see

          • Ppl keep saying how she is a yandere botch n try to play everyone. Possible, but~ somehow I do not see it

      • If she kills herself she would freed Sanji, while running would put him the book for safekeeping until she is found imo, etc.

  • Minato

    Finally brook gets some character development

  • Zzeroo Requiem

    i want to see brook’s awakening mode!!!

  • Btw: red Mugiwaras = Red Army vs the Nazis (Vinsmokes)??