One Piece Chapter 846 Spoilers


One Piece Chapter 846: Tamago’s Guard


Luffy and Nami got robbed, Nami lost Lola’s Vivre Card thanks to Big Mom’s army. Sanji bargained with Mom to let the crew go after the marriage.

Whole Cake Castle

Tamago explains the Poneglyphs

“It is said that there are roughly 30 Poneglyphs”
Of those 4 lead to Raftel and are known as the Road Poneglyphs
9 of them tell the truths of the world
Big Mom owns 2 poneglyphs and one Road Poneglyph. One Poneglyph was bought in by Jinbei

We’re introduced to Charlotte Smoothie – Minister of Juice 14th Daughter, one of the Sweet commanders who has a bounty of 932 Million Berries

Tamago says that one Mink tribe invaded in the castle 5 years ago.
His name was Pedro, who was rescued since Pekoms begged for Pedro’s life to be spared.

Brook and Tamago are hiding in a store near the treasure room and Tamago vows to kill them if they attempt to steal the Poneglyphs.


  • Blazen91

    I’m confused Yonko. Did they get defeated, or robbed?

  • Endrit Abdiaj

    Brook and Pedro are hiding

    • Lounis Nei

      now i get it lol

  • HD34

    This history of poneglyph is confused .

  • Zzeroo Requiem

    sanji is going to make babies with pudding

  • Sanji please dont marry Pudding. She’s evil 🙁

  • Myekosusuke Susuke

    Wow, 30 poneglyphs in the World of One Piece! So if we subtract 4 poneglyphs (Alabasta, Skypiea, Fish Island, Zou), we have 26.\n So 3 road poneglyphs and 9 that reveal the truth of the world, and 2 regular poneglyphs with Big Mom, but how to recognize them among the remaining 26? I’m so confused.

    • We’ll divide them this way: \n\n4 Road Poneglyphs\n26 remaining Poneglyphs\nOf those 26, 9 are Poneglyphs that reveal the True History\nCurrently Big Mom has 2 Poneglyphs from the set of 26 and 1 from the Road Poneglyph. It isn’t stated weather or not the 2 she has are from the True History set.