One Piece Chapter 843 Spoilers


Chapter 843: Vinsmoke Sanji

Cracker gets blown all the way to Wholecake castle
Because of Cracker’s defeat to Luffy, state of emergency is declared and (citizens, I guess) are ordered to stay indoors.
Pound says things are getting real serious.
Pound: “The last time a Sweet Commander was defeated, Cracker’s avenging army swarmed the seas…”

Pound: “Lin-Lin, enraged, summoned a storm and sank the enemy ships in an instant, or so they say.”
Nami: “A storm!?”
Pound: “Lin-Lin can control the weather! Her left holds the thundercloud Zeus! Her right hand the sun Prometheus!”
Pound: “There is no way to stop Mom when she’s angry!”

Luffy and the others have King Baum bring them to the castle. Luffy, sleeping on top of King Baum, turns back to his normal size in an instant.
Luffy’s party heads to the castle, and before them appears the Vinsmokes’ cat cart.
Luffy jumps onto the cart, happy to see Sanji again, but Sanji kicks him down.
Sanji: “Go back where you came from, filthy pirates!”

Sanji announces that he’s a Germa prince and has no intention of going back.
Luffy isn’t convinced at all, and Yonji is about to chase him away, but Sanji stops him.
Sanji: “I’ll send him away myself…!”

  • Blazen91

    I can’t believe that was enough to defeat Cracker…… very disappointed tbh. To get defeated in such a stupid way…..just makes me sigh at Oda sometimes lol.

    • TheUnknown

      Only filthy casuals that just started readin one piece would say something like that lmao

    • Alesando Volta

      Doflamingo was obviously way stronger than Cracker. You want Luffy to be half-dead after that fight to make it more realistic? People don’t want to accept that Luffy became strong.

      • Myekosusuke Susuke

        I agree, Doflamingo was definelty stronger than Cracker, and this fight would have been too long if Luffy was disadvantaged and in this arc, there’s other more important priority to finish the plot.

        • Alesando Volta

          Yep, the point of the arc isn’t to beat Cracker or Big Mom after all.

    • Minato

      Ability to fight and endure pain were weaknesses of Cracker. If you forgot that then re read luffy vs cracker fight once more

  • SPzenku44

    So let’s see Big Mom Can:\n1. Take souls and put them into inanimate objects\n2. Controls storms and possibly heat? If the description of Zeus and Prometheus are anything to go by.\nYeah I can’t see Luffy taking down Big Mom without giving Luffy some type of hax since he had a difficult fight with Cracker.

    • Haoushoku.

      • SPzenku44

        I know. I was just counting the abilities that have been shown and mentioned

    • Whiteshard

      It could be that her other commanders have those abilities because I don’t think Big Mom will have so many powers.

  • Alesando Volta

    Big Mom is so far the 3rd strongest character after Roger & WB. I can’t understand why Kaidou didn’t want to go to her to kill him?\nPlot Twist: Kaidou has a child with Big Mom !

    • Minato

      3rd stronger ?? Shanks and kaidou are stronger so she would rank little below

      • Alesando Volta

        Why she’s ranked below? She can kill both of Kaidou & Shanks easily if we look at her Spirits DF. And she has a mass destruction DF like ShiroHige had.\nWe’ve seen a little from Shanks & Kaidou’s power but Big Mom has more potential, I believe.

        • Minato

          Killing kaidou and Shanks won’t be that easy. DF yeah helps but it can’t make you strongest. As for her Spirit DF its almost like Kuma DF which helps him take away fatigue and pain. \n\n From what we know Kaidou is ‘ Strongest creature alive ‘ and if we go back to Marineford arc we all know Shanks challenged both marines and pirates to go against him but neither dared to. To top it off he made kaidou retreat and stopped him going at Marineford to challenge WB.\n\n