One Piece Chapter 842 Spoilers


Chapter 842 The Power of a Full Stomach

Luffy could devour the biscuit soldiers because Nami made them softer with rain.
Luffy’s stomach is full and he is at its limits. More biscuit soldiers charge him, but Nami makes them softer with rain right away.

Nami: “I don’t know or care if you are on the side of a Yonko or whatever! Luffy is the man who will become the Pirate King!”
Nami: “Which means! There’s no limit to his appetite either!”
Luffy: “Eh!?”

Everyone is surprised by Nami’s words. Luffy pushes on eating without thinking anymore.

Scene change, in the mirror world Bropper and the others are running from Brulee

Scene change again, Reiju is tending to Sanji’s wounds.
Reiju asks Sanji where he learnt that “way of the gentleman”
Sanji remembers the harsh training received from Zeff.

All relatives leave for Whole Cake castle for the engagement ceremony.

Back to Temptation Woods

Luffy, with his stomach full, goes into Gear 4

Luffy: “Tankman!”

Cracker attacks Luffy, but the sword is absorbed by Tankman’s soft stomach instead of piercing it
Like that, Cracker’s upper body gets “swallowed” by Luffy’s stomach folds

Luffy “I’ll blow you to the ends of the New World! Cannonball!”

The half swallowed Cracker is blown away by the stomach’s strength.
The bloody Cracker crashes onto the (not wet) biscuit soldiers behind, and flies far away while crashing through them.
OP is on break next week

  • Larcade

    Don’t tell me Luffy is going to defeat cracker like this….even fourth gear didn’t work

    • Josh

      He’s using Gear Fourth but not Poundman this time it’s Tankman. It confirms that Gear Fourth have many forms.

      • Larcade

        Is that form really fourth gear.. It looks kinda weak

    • mr

      it worked but cracker is hiding he is making tons of biscuit soldiers which are as powerful as the shield he used to fight earlier 4th gear, one direct hit to the real one will finish the fight but there is no opening

      • Blazen91

        He’s just using his ability, the same as Luffy is. One shot on Cracker isn’t going to defeat him….

  • WiLL.i.Am

    Ehhh luffy can beat anyone with b.s. now a days…. one piece is ehhh now a days probably cause I have been reading some better manga

    • LoveAnimation

      The second some stuff happens that people dont like people act like these mangas are going downhill or suck nowadays.\nIts not like these mangas can be perfect and always do things the way the fans want things to be done.\nTheres stuff i wanted to be done differently in all the mangas i follow but theres way more great and positive stuff than bad stuff im not happy about in all of them and unlike most people it seems i understand that the authors of these mangas cant always have the same idea as to what should happen later in the series as i have.

      • Blazen91

        Nah it’s definitely not going down hill, I personally don’t like how Oda handles fights. Especially this one, anyway.\n\nWe shall see what happens once we resume from the break, if Crackers defeated, personally going to be quite disappointed. At least if it was that easy.

        • LoveAnimation

          Sorry but personally think its kinda stupid that people expect every single villain in these mangas to have a huge and really long fight where the hero must really struggle so much that he can barely survive because those kind of big fights are usually saved for the most important villains of the arcs and most of the smaller and less important villains get short fights like this.\nIts like people want all of the smaller villains to have the same kind of big fights as the main villain of the arc or else its all bad and disappointing.

    • Whiteshard

      I still don’t consider One Piece to be about the fights, because they are pretty much the same. There are a few twisty moments, Like Ussop’s, but to One Piece is and always has been about the overall story and the way things from the past fit into everything new that is coming.

      • WiLL.i.Am

        I agree about the fights but i dont think i have ever seen luffy lose a fight where he had to retreat he always gets a power up or a form and he still wins lose the first or second fight and win the last one… And i probably got greedy because i just started reading berserk HxH and their so good and im gonna start d gray man i think thats what is called i heard its really good too

        • Whiteshard

          That’s fair. But pretty much all of his fights, Luffy wins only by a margin and only gets out because there are people to get him out. And this wasn’t technically a power up though. I like Hunter x Hunter, it not pompous like the rest of the Shounen. But for One Piece, I really appreciate the story telling, especially the world building. It’s not present in a lot of long running manga. Magi has some lore as well, but it was all revealed in one long exposition, which makes most of the continuation a bit boring.