One Piece Chapter 840 Spoilers


Chapter 840: Iron Mask

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Yonji tells Germa Soldier’s secret to Sanji.

Judge was once, with Vegapunk, a researcher that belongs to an outrageous research team.

Vegapunk discovered a (DNA?) during a research process

Government regarded this research dangerous and arrested Vegapunk and purchase/acquired the team.

But Judge escaped from the government alone and continued its research.

“Those result is Germa’s soldier, Clone” tells Yonji with pride.

There comes Ichiji and Niji.

Sanji kicks Niji’s face

Niji: “Stealth”

The blown away Niji’s shape disappears and appears on Sanji’s rear.

This way, from Sanji’s rear, he binds Sanji’s arms behind back and with a electric blow Niji he beats Sanji.

Ichiji: “Hello again, Sanji. We are going to Vinsmoke’s house…!”

Ichiji: “This time we need to confirm our hierarchy… You made a mistake.”

From there starts a scene from Sanji’s memories.

5 children on front of the King

Judge: “You are my best masterpiece.”

Judge: “You are a existence that exceeds human being that was born from a science operation that compiles the research essence.”

Judge: “Someday each one will lead the army and rule the Germa 66 that evolves with science.

Judge: “I gave you the talent! You just need to train.”

Children: “Yes! Father!”

Just Sanji couldn’t follow Judge’s impose of severe training.
The sibling remembers that irritation from that Sanji.

Judge: “Why only Sanji is weak?…”

Doctor: “Inspection result from Ichiji Niji Yonji are extremely favorable “External Skeleton”, Speech and physical strength can match with an adult.”

Doctor: “But Sanji-sama failed… Sanji-sama is only a human.”

Judge: “0 promises?… That’s a uselessness existence.

Judge tells Germa soldiers that Sanji had an accident during a sail.

The soldiers got moved to tears.

Sanji got confined inside castle’s dungeon, and his head were covered with an iron mask. He couldn’t even eat.

Nor ask for his father for help.

Soldier: King’s decision: He wishes that Sanji-sama was not born…

This way soldier leaves the dungeon.

Sanji was crying and repeatedly apologising to his father.

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