Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 200 Spoilers


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  • Gabriel Santos

    I can’t believe you started giving NNT spoilers too! Please keep doing it o/

    • OK

      • Salim Kago

        ty so much yon =) I really appreciate all your efforts!!!

  • Thx for the spoilers.

  • Templarz

    Thanks. Early chapters I presume ?

  • Michał Zienkiewicz

    Erm, something’s off with her wings, the right upper one is not the mirrored left upper one, if u get what I mean. Might be intentional, might be a mistake on the author’s part lol. Might just be perspective thing

    • Michał Zienkiewicz

      And that Meliodas looks truly badass yet funny at the same, with clothes like a porn star lol

    • Aven9er

      uh.. wind maybe?

      • Michał Zienkiewicz

        Not quite imho. But why u imo sound somehow angry about me pointing out something that may or even may not be a mistake? I never hate, n i try to never assume, just simply found that wing amusing in itself. \n\nLook again, and u might come to similar conclusion. There seem to be a whole additional ‘segment’ on the right, as opposed with the left side. I mean, the said part might be hidden from view by perspective gimmicks, but it looks rather amusing …\n\n[p.s.] damn~ aint she hot there. Best girl.

  • Is it true that NNT is entering it’s last ARC?