Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 199 Spoilers


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  • LoveMeSomePhilly


  • lethenia

    let them be happy

  • Harso Rza

    Wiw how big Dolor is ? His palm almost as big as diane

    • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

      about 30 meters afaik.

    • Porthya

      25.8 m, almost 3x Diane’s size.

      • Harso Rza

        Whoa really? How do you know that?

        • Porthya

          Wikia has it from the 2nd fanbook. The 2nd fanbook is the one with info on the TC as well, so Drole has his info card there with weight, height etc

      • Harso Rza

        So Dolor basically a Giant which giant for giants itself

      • Osama Isley

        Diane is 30m and she lie about her height and said 29m… Gowther said that…

    • Rajha

      well he’s king of giant tough

  • ☠ Monkey-Chan ♛


  • Porthya

    LOL, so are King’s wings supposed to start growing from those slashes on his back in an ironic twist of fate?!?

  • Millaray Gonzalez


  • Okfriyantinus Kurniawan

    seriously, I do not like fights king & diane, very boring even though they power up remains unattractive. if meliodas that now they are both just a piece of junk at him ruthlessly