Nanatsu no Taizai 201 Spoilers


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  • D_D

    Cool. \n\n\n\nThanks.

  • Damn, Diane needs to man up !! :p and I want some Elizabeth x Melio action now, not talkin about s*x ofc XD

    • Porthya

      I know, I’d love to see them in a beautifully sync-ed duo on the battlefield(unfortunately, we might only get that from Kiane, since they’ve already been established as a battlefield duo), given that it’s possible that this event is happening most likely some years after the betrayal and Melizabeth have gotten used to fighting side by side. Some of the panels simply showcase how used she is to seeing him fighting even in his demon mode and how easily she can accept that side of his XD

      • I have that feeling Melio was like “I fight in your stead n protect You, Eli, even tho I AM FKING WEAKER THAN U ARE, bitch” XD

        • Porthya

          Wait, what?!? Why would he call her that?

          • nah, that was just a way to express a younger, more rebelious Melio

          • Ofc I m kidding, relax :3 [ actually, no idea where that came from. don’worry, Eli best girl ]

  • Porthya

    LMAO, is Kingxinia fighting the huge missing Commandment from the original roster?!