Magi Chapter 326 Spoilers


You didn’t expect this did ya?

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  • The Magi community must treat you really well to get all this.

  • Drake Avans Toledo

    wooow thank you so much!!! 😀

  • Stephen Seiber

    things are only gonna get worse

  • darkpoet

    LOL!\nMagi spoiler:\nAlibaba: Morgiana just dumped me…\nAladdin: ..huh??

    • WhatsAname

      WAIT!! Does that actually translate what you just said?! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Way to trigger 60% of the community….

      • darkpoet

        yeah, it does. 😀 Well, alibaba must have been flirting or whateves; but i dont think it will stop the wedding. lol.

      • Cristian AssiZ

        It’s true.\n\n”Morujiana ni furareta…”\n\n”I was rejected by Morgiana”\n\nOr like darkpoet said: “Morgiana just dumped me..”

  • Larcade

    SINBAD is literally the strongest person in any anime

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