Magi Chapter 325 Spoilers


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  • Kougyoku Ren

    OMG JUDAL! *^*

  • Kevin Quang La

    geez can’t wait…. 🙁

  • thanks for sharing this!! 😀

  • SPzenku44

    Too bad it’ll take Sense-Scans about a week to translate it

    • Andy Miles

      Won’t Yonkou be translating it?

      • SPzenku44

        I’m not sure since he didn’t translate the last chapter

    • Sugiura Hoaki

      To bad I’m Japanese I understand allllllll! Hwahwahwaaa!

    • lollerilol

      god they are so useless, if they just dropped it someone faster would pick it up.

      • SPzenku44

        I wish Yonkou would translate the series, since he would translate Magi much faster than SS ever could. What sucks is they used to translate Magi hours after the ch raws were up.

  • Larcade

    This is so freaking awesome!!!!

  • Drake Avans Toledo

    thank you so much 🙂

  • Percy

    Question now is how are they going to beat Sinbad now. I think this is the main problem with the story of magi. When Aladdin acquired Solomon’s magic, he essentially became unbeatable. Ugo became the supreme god and such that there should be no way to defeat him. Now that Sinbad had gone beyond further how are they supposed to beat Sinbad. With each power up, there became too much of power imbalance that I don’t even see how Alibaba is going to help here nor Morgianna and Hakuryuu. Even Yunan is shown to be not that all powerful even if Yunan had been reincarnated multiple times. Besides, with all this powerful abilities showing up left and right, there isn’t that much use of the metal vessels now. Unless Aladdin learned how to turn others into djinns, I don’t even think letting Aladdin bring Alibaba and co would make a difference.

  • Jenna Mark

    Yonkou why don’t you just translate it? Sense scans takes too long.

  • Sugiura Hoaki

    I’m Japanese I understand loll hahhahhahah!