Magi Chapter 323


This was fun to work on.

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  • KubiC

    Thanks 🙂

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    Thanks dude!

  • Thank you so much!! ;w;!!

  • Fish Cake

    Sinbad die?

  • Percy

    Aaaaand that just happened. I kinda felt sorry for Sinbad a bit back there. Although Ugo is right in his statements, Ugo made it seem like he’s just another piece of the puzzle for the world to move on. Also, I like how Ugo acknowledged Arba like she was a dumb bitch who couldn’t understand anything lol. Another thing is it feels like Ugo is finally telling that he is the real god and not Solomon. I mean he basically said that he created everything and he is just using Solomon’s standards for the laws he created in the new world.

    • Kazzoro

      I think it’s more like Solomon rules through Ugo, or that Ugo rules the world in Solomon’s name. Sure, he gave Ugo the right and permission to create a world where humans and all the other races from Alma Torran can live, but Ugo respected Solomon’s wishes and plans for this new world. So Solomon is technically at the top.

    • Mamoru

      Ugo is just that genius . Even tho creating new world is Solomon’s idea but the one who make that happen is Ugo . So without doubt , the credit should be given to Ugo .

  • lukman fikri

    it’s time for david to enter the stage

  • Silver Beard

    So little time, so many mistakes.

    • embracetophats

      which mistakes?

  • Wil

    Then Alibaba comes back and overcomes everyone.

  • SPzenku44

    I feel like Sinbad is going to come back in the end and become god.

    • Alex Drake

      He has become Rukh. He’s finished.. Get over it

      • SPzenku44

        I never said I felt bad about Sinbad’s death so there’s nothing for me to get over lol

      • IllusionoisullI

        You can tell yourself that, but in less then 10 chapters he will be back.

      • NotLikeThis41412

        well, solomon can come back from being a rukh.. maybe sinbad will take over the sea of rukh or something, ten comeback as god, lol..

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    • Alex Drake

      No he won’t. He’s already returned to the Rukh

    • MrMuunster

      Nope he’s returned to the flow and waiting for reincarnation

      • アニア(XITLALI)

        Indeed he is. And I have a feeling he will come back as Alibaba’s Child. Or* he will come back and fulfill his final role.

        • Yuukihime

          He’s a singularity that only happen once every thousand years, remember? \nUnless Sindad reincarnate into a regular human without the Author’s power of Main Character.

  • MiiU

    wait, so Sinbad dead?!\nThis doesn’t feel right…

  • WhatsAname

    David got fucked by his own plan, good shit. This is why Magi is so great, because of it’s unpredictable story.

  • Lilac

    and then, in the next morning Jafar will find his Lord, his friend, is no longer around; even after he told him. Its like a suicide what Sinbad did.

  • Yuta

    I had already felt that Sinbad will die though. But who knows maybe he’ll just kick in again in the series since who can predict this story? AMAZING and THANK YOU FOR THE TRANSLATION!!!

    • Randime

      This isn’t Fairy Tail.

      • Blitz_Arts

        yeah i mean it’s not like magi doesn’t kill of characters… oh wait

      • TheTruthTeller


        • Randime

          Still not Fairy Tail. We’re in the plains of Gods where such things can’t be comprehended. I find this far more acceptable than being dragged to the underworld, then badda bing, you’re magically not there.

  • Zerseus

    Lmao David thought he could kill god

  • Kazzoro

    Ugo the Savage strikes again! He first kills Sinbad and now he’s gonna get rid of Elder David.

  • Ladywendyx3

    BRUHHHHHHH I’m shock

  • IllusionoisullI

    Sinbad died in such a half-ass way, lol.

  • wow, it was kind of anti climatic how Sinbad died, but it was well prepared, even Solomon and David that were once the strongest couldn’t control so much power and had to make sacrifices. Pretty cool how Ugo got even stronger as a “god”. So the black rukh in Sinbad was David.

  • Yuukihime

    David planed ALL of THAT? What is he? Aizen 2.0? LOL\nI mean seriously, it’s like when Aizen said, he planed EVERYTHING in Ichigo’s life.

  • Chico Kun

    Gurren Lagann stuff right there at the last page ! , bet next issue will be universe-sized ugo vs david. Heh! Oh and thanks for the translation

  • prepare your anus David

  • Kaname Fujiwara


  • Greg Bourquin

    The sacred palace is symbolic of going through the Sun like a portal.. Its ancient esoteric knowledge.. A Human can not go there. Thats why Sinbad was killed by the sun

    • Droggel

      Ähmmm… then how was Solomon able to seal Ihl Ahlla/ God? lul