Magi Chapter 322


Magi is getting good so I thought I’d try something different. Here’s Chapter 322. I don’t think I’ll do this always though.


  • Larcade

    Damn sinbad

  • crystalblade13

    Thanks man your awesome. I really appreciate this 🙂

  • Silver Beard

    Can you make the watermarks a little bit bigger? I can still see the character’s faces well enough.

  • Wolverine

    “You cannot go” Lol, Troll Ugo.

  • Wolverine

    First time, Seeing Sinbad go all out.I think, Everyone wanted to see this even the people who don’t like him.This will be awesome.

  • HA-HA el follonero

    simbad did nothing wrong

  • Anthony Ramirez

    OMG ! Please UGO ! stop Sinbad !!!

  • Percy

    Damn. Ugo swatted Sinbad like he was just an annoying fly. Well, that’s what you get for fighting the who was acknowledged by the god of their world as the strongest magician.

  • MrMuunster

    Fck S*nse-Scan…. I love you yunko

  • Asare360

    Thank you SO MUCH Yonkou!! You’re the best!

  • Brown Panda

    The Facken hell, Ugo just btiched slap Sinbad like a mosquito!\nSin’s Djinn Equips are top tier, though.

  • Eto

    Sinbab : No one can ever stop me.. I am god , you dull creature ! *Abusing his Djinn equip*\n\n(Wild Ugo appear)\n\nUgo : *Ugo Smash*\nUgo: No you don’t , puny human >:D

  • Ugo’s face at the end is priceless, like… I cant explain it in words

  • Ugo be like Gandalf, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”\n\nAnd be like Boromir, “One does not simply walk into the Sacred Palace!”

  • Ivanator The Great

    Piceless! Ugo’s face and comment at the end, simply priceless~!

  • Mohamad Atie

    I can see Sinbad fully Fallen in the next chapter in order to take on Ugo. I don’t think being half-fallen is enough and Djinn Equips won’t help against Ugo. Sinbad has to win this for this to get interesting.

  • Tim Lee Melton Jr.

    Ugo’s face is laced with pity for Sinbad

  • zant

    Thank you so much for updating consistently!! Favorite series rn, ai can’t wait for next chapter *.*

  • Val Ser

    Why a manga so good as Magi doesn’t get a good and proper translation in the right amount of time?… I love Magi and i love it’s world, drawings and story.\nSinbad is definitely the epitome of the arrogant man corrupted by too much power and who wants to substitute himself to god. It’s the perfect mix of arrogance and egoism while still thinking to do the good think. Until now he justified himself with doing the best for other’s sake o for the world’s sake… Now he finally admits that it’s all for his sake and pleasure. Going dark side is almost complete. Can’t wait to see what happens 😀

  • Paul McCarthy

    Remember people, 1% success rate…