Fairy Tail Chapter 543


Its almost over, filled in the backlog since last release.


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  • Vakho Gabelia

    Acnologia the biggest disappointment this manga produced.

  • Fairy Shit LUL

    Acnologia: Cool. I killed a guy with eight.
    Natsu: ………………………………………….
    Igneel: (-‸ლ)
    Zeref: (-‸ლ)
    Mavis: (-‸ლ)
    God Serena: (ლ‸ლ)


  • Naza Lover

    Don’t know if this chapter was good or bad.
    But their plan apparently worked, with the Ice ship created and Erza managing to momentarily take Acnologia out of he sky, a little confused since Eileen going by what she explained Dragons shouldn’t suffer motion sickness, more so Acnologia who is only a dragon body, since his spirit is on the Time Ravines.
    At any rate the Fairy Sphere spell was already had been casted.

    I remember many months ago saying that Acnologia hatred towards was possibly because they killed his family, guess that was correct about that.
    But Acnologia is being a little hypocrite, since he hate and despise Dragons that much, yet he enjoys the power they gave him and even is proud of calling himself the Dragon King.
    Natsu even pointed on this chapter what many of us said a very long time ago as well he is a Dragon, but want to kill all Dragons what he will do them, kill himself or something else.

    Too bad that Natsu can’t or won’t use his Demonic powers.
    Curious if the Flames of seven Dragons will do anything to Acnologia, besides maybe expel him spirit from the Ravines and back to his body.

    Had to wait next week chapter and see how things will go and if Acnologia will eat the spell and escape or is really done for.

    • The Real Tobi (Cana)

      I’d say bad it’s full of crap stuff

      For example Erza actually managed to knock Acno down, yet even Gildarts, God Serena, and Jellal with meteor weren’t even able to budge him yet a weakened Erza can use her swords that have been broken and destroyed countless times to slam him down. Not to mention Pre-TS FT with all their powers combined, couldn’t scratch him even with Unison raids. So a weakned and injured Erza is stronger than all of the Tenrou team including Gildarts put together? I hardly believe that, maybe at full power but with Laxus, Makarov and Gildarts in there I find it hard to believe.

      It’s also stupid how Mashima again shoved aside characters getting their chance Minerva, Yukino, Orga, Rufus, etc were all going to fight Acno but just got conviently knocked down and hurt.

      The Acno fight is going horribly, so stupid so Cobra gets his organs crushed last week and now all of the DS are knocked out cold couldn’t do crap to Acnologia, and now exactly as I said when this fight began Natsu gives a Speach, and all the knocked out Dragon Slayers are suddenly awake and giving their power that they somehow had left even after being stomped into the ground without scratching Aco, and now Natsu is about to beat Acno in one hit I bet.

      Also how the hell does Lucy have Aquarius’s power? I know she used it against Brandish but come on, what’s the point of having keys if she can just call on her power without one. Not even sacrifices mean anything in FT.

      • Lucy♥

        Aquarius gave Lucy her power after her key got broken, so I think Lucy can use it anytime!

        • The Real Tobi (Cana)

          Fair enough but it ruins the entire point of her sacrifice, not to mention he new key is out there somewhere.

  • kenji (THE NICE GUY)

    Well I like this chapter cause of my girl Lucy’s contribution. Thats all I care about.

    I stopped giving a shit about the fights long ago

    • Cloudy River

      I never liked the fight scenes in fairy tail, I just loved the bound between lucy and natsu

    • The Real Tobi (Cana)

      She gets enough time as it is, I feel bed for the minor characters. What was the point of showing Minerva, Yukino, Orga, etc going to battle just to have them knocked out of the way for Erza? My girl Cana said one thing, and then got a background panel shot, while characters like Evergreen get a whole panel. Being nitpicky about that last thing, but when Lucy and Erza fans and any main character say what you said it irks me, imagine being fans of the secondary characters. Who Mashima just doesn’t care about. Series shouldn’t even be called Fairy Tail, as it’s not about FT it’s about like 5 people.

  • Only 10 chapters? that’s odd. *~*