Fairy Tail Chapter 538

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  • xShark

    Hiro better not mess this up. I feel like this is his last chance to redeem this final arc.

  • King Kunta

    acnologia going to pop out the time laspe like BITCH YOU THOUGHT YOU THOUGHT

    • Animeartistfromhell7

      Nope… That’s Ichiya coming out with the ship since nobody in FT dies.

  • kenji (THE NICE GUY)

    I know what happened to Natsu. He became one of Lucy Celestial Spirit 😀 JK

    8 Chapters to go

    • midnight

      no m8 stop it.. fucking hate that theory.. Mashima already fucked up big time if this is gonna happen than GG RIP FT.. its my favorite anime along with OP,Naruto,Gintama but the things that are happening are giving my cancer… this would just send me to heaven or under rails

      • kenji (THE NICE GUY)

        I was joking if you couldnt tell by ‘JK and 😀 so calm down ok

        • midnight

          I didnt notice sry. 😀

          • Jackal


  • Zzeroo Requiem

    i was waiting for this for a very long time.. BUT this is FT so natsu’s coming back any second so no worries..

  • Wendy Dragneel

    Looks like acno will come back

  • Dragon

    Thank you man i’m sooo glad acnologia didn’t go out like that still kinda pissed about irene, august, and zeref went out, plus these past few chapters have been blehh and i’m a HUGE FT fan. I feel like hiro gonna come thru on these last chapters….hopefully.

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    I… Failed Natsu

  • Sugiura Hoaki

    The link isn’t working

  • Sugiura Hoaki

    I just read it I’m sloop exited!

  • Sugiura Hoaki


  • Sugiura Hoaki


  • Eliza Blackwell

    i have a feeling Acnologia is gonna come back

    • Eliza Blackwell


  • Naza Lover

    Well Natsu will probably return on the next chapter, along with Acnologia.
    If Makarov is alive, really doubt that Natsu is dead.

  • Kayla Davis

    It would make for a good OVA or spinoff if they did a quest for aquarius

    • Brooke

      I hope they do! But am I the only one that feels like Natsu just ran off somewhere?