Fairy Tail Chapter 536


The countdown to the end has begun. 10 chapters to go. What are your thoughts on Fairy Tail and the finale so far?


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  • Yonkou the link doesn’t work! 🙂

  • kenji (THE NICE GUY)

    This chapter is fucking dumb. Stupid. BULLSHIT AND THE WORSE

    Didnt expect a chapter would make me comment so many negatives about a chapter

    • Kyra Taylor

      Then leave hater

      • BIGsoch

        Exactly like ffs

  • Black Wolf

    Hiro has finally done it. He is truly an incredible Manga writer. He took every flaw in shonen manga and multiplied them by the infinite power of friendship. Everytime I lower my expectations He still manages to surprise. The joke predictions that I make manage to come true next chapter. I honestly can’t imagine a fight ever getting worse than this. He one shot a god with unlimited power, who regenerated from being disintegrated, with a friendship punch. It’s like every other bad moment in FT was to prepare us for this chapter. Fairy Tail is one of my favorite series but this arc is the worse thing I have every seen in any anime/manga and an insult to Fairy Tail’s flawed but much better earlier arcs. Fairy Tail Alvarez arc can be used as the Benchmark 0 from which other series can get rated from 1-10. I’ll just have to laugh at this chapter to hide the pain from having one my first series become this garbage. Hiro Mashima is truly a genius.

    • Phan Boy

      I gotta agre with you on everything except the oneshot part.
      That is not a one shot.You(alongside many others) should learn what one shot REALLY means and use it corectly instead of calling a finishing attack a one shot because that is not a one shot.

  • Black Wolf

    Top 10 worse moments in this arc:

    1. Natsu defeating infinite power Zeref with friendship punch

    2. Erza vs Eileen/Eileen’s random connection to dragons that wasn’t recognized by Acno

    3. Every Lucy fanservice moment which was like 80% of her scenes this arc

    4. August’s idiotic suicide

    5. Dimaria having one of the most hax magics but primarily using it to strip people in the middle of a freakin war.

    6. Gajeel/Juvia Fake deaths

    7. Markorov’s death against fodders.

    8. Brandish gets one shotted by Cana for comedy

    9. Gray trying to commit suicide for like the fourth time and Natsu being the one to stop him again

    10. Natsu learns about his past and that he is a demon but undergoes zero development

    Honoroable mention: Almost every other moment.

    • korra

      Yo Ichiya defeating Acnologia should be on here dude XD

      • Black Wolf

        At least I found that to be funny. Acno would have definitely got one shotted by friendship anyway so I’m happy that his ending is at least something I could cringe laugh at.

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    Holy fucking shit this chapter was trash. Like one of the worst FT chapters of all time. FT now has 9 chapters left, let’s hope they’re better than this god awful shit

  • BIGsoch

    There are some salty ass readers below. I enjoyed the chapter for what it’s worth. It got gritty. Ichiya and anna are dead. Natsu whole arm got fucked up punching out zeref. Not great but not bad.

    • Jaylan Downs

      Ikr I loved it either way, the way his arm is fucked up after that punch, I was like damn.

    • Kara

      I agree. Did you notice that pretty much no one has noticed how messed up Natsu’s arm is? They also constantly complain about there being no originality in Fairy Tail, and then whine when Mashima has Ichiya defeat Acnologia (which no one could have seen coming). Although it is still on the fence if Acnologia is REALLY completely defeated or not. Anna being introduced probably could have been left out, but it does make sense that someone was sent with the little dragon slayers to take care of them instead of a bunch of kids being tossed through a portal and told “good luck surviving all by yourselves”.

  • Phan Boy

    Well…this was a BIG/HUGE/IMMENSE/MASSIVE let down but at least Natsu’s arm got fucked up.
    I would have prefered the sacred flame over the wild emotions explanation to be honest.

  • Wizard

    Now I don’t know which manga had the worst ending Naruto, Bleach or Fairy Tail hmmmm

    • Max Man

      BLEACH!!! ITS BLEACH…. I couldn’t follow the ending off bleach…and they left out alot of things..such as who is the new soul king??

      • Fairy Shit LUL

        Bleach had better ending than this shit…. faggot

    • if this FT ending, actually this is the worst :>

    • korra

      Bleach was utter shit. So many things left out and tried to distract us with crappy pairings that made no sense. Naruto was decent until the last movie and all these fucking episodes of their marriage like stop ?? Fairy Tail hasn’t ended but this manga is a joke so whatever lol.

  • Naza Lover

    So after everything Zeref did even after basically becoming a God of Time and Space with unlimited power, he was still defeated by Natsu Flame/Friendship infused punch, was truly hoping for END to appear.

    Acnologia the Dragon King who eat all magic was defeated by a flying ship, I do admire Ishiya bravery even when most of the time he is used for comedy relief, he was still brave enough to sacrifice his life to stop Acnologia.
    Well at least Ishiya got a women to both call him a handsome man and die with him.
    Still very anticlimactic the defeat of the two most powerful villains left.
    Unless somehow Acnologia eat the magic inside the Tim lapse to escape and become the Dragon of Time.

    Well, it’s was very obvious that Jellal wasn’t going to die and that another less important character was going to take his place, don’t know why fans where so worried.

  • Wizard

    Not Natsu , not Zeref not even Erza but Ichiya, ICHIYA defeated Acnologia XDDDDDD

    • Lucy Heartfilia

      And Anna

    • Fairy Shit LUL

      1000000/10 best manga ever

      will not read again.

      Thanks for wasting my 5 years on this piece of shit. I’d rather watch a boku no pico non-stop than this arc animated ffs.

      the author of this manga has some friendship issues! he needs help!

    • Yui

      Man!! xD

  • Javon Ameerali


  • Alex Mercer

    ……WHERE THE F**K is E.N.D…?
    10 chaps remaining and where the hell is Natsu’s demon E.N.D form…is it ever gonna come?

    • GigaGaia

      No it won’t. What you saw when he fought Grey was it. Both the demon seed and dragon seed are gone anyway.

  • fish8100

    … I’m not really sure what to say. Out of all the characters that have had deaths Ichiya would probably be the one I’d feel most down about if it stayed real tbh. Well, him and Natsu…
    It went real fast, suddenly Acno was just meh.

  • fish8100

    It was a very underwhelming chapter but I kinda like that Ichiya got that final hit on Acno. I thought the Zeref fight would have more content this chapter and maybe next one at least though.

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    She was Sage

  • Maddox

    Why Ichiya???? Why not Jellal? Urgh this is effed up

  • Nuno lucci

    Ichiya tho XD

  • AhMazeIn

    Granted thats not the way Acno shoulda gone out, it was better then the possibility of just “leading” him into the time space, that would of been BS.

    But with this, its still not the prefered way, but pushing/forcing him into it, and the sacrifice of someone, granted who it was, but it coulda been much, much worse way to take him out. If he’s gone for good that is..who knows.

  • Leved

    This is fucking disgusting.

  • what the fuck?

  • Yan

    Am I in the wrong manga? I swear I saw one punch and zeref lost.

  • FairyDragon

    I’m not liking the finale. They still haven’t explained Acnologia’s motives and origin

  • Ophiucus

    Zeref lose to Natsu just by a SINGLE PUNCH! At the end just a PUNCH?