Fairy Tail Chapter 531



  • Gate7

    Crazy chapter. Thanks yonkou.

  • Somerandomguy

    At first I thought Acnologia ate the timepulse

  • Naza Lover

    Well, many readers including me predicted that Anna plan was going to fail, but had to give her credit if it wasn’t by Zeref sealing it beforehand she would had succed and Acnologia would had been history by now.

    Natsu look pretty cool after activating his Dragon Force, even if it didn’t look like when he used on the Tartaros Arc, since most of his face was covered in scales and his eyes weren’t so draconic looking.

    But from the entire chapter the best thing was Acnologia having motion sickness, guess that he is not immune to all the Dragon Slayers weakness.

  • Phan Boy

    Zeref is crazy…………….prepared.;)

  • Phan Boy

    What is the thing that shocked Lucy so much?She looked really surprised by the contents of the book.
    Either way E.N.D. is finally here bithces!I really hope the nest 2 chapters focus on Natsu’s/E.N.D’s battle against Zeref.We waited so damn long for this fight.

  • Phan Boy

    The dragon from the cover page looks soooo fucking badass!I LOVE his design!<3

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    Loved this chapter

  • Player1

    I love how nice the Ft fans are in this chat compared to MStream’s XD

    Btw I feel like it’s pulling a Bleach, and getting rushed…

  • Emre Emre


  • MysteryWarrior

    i think i am gonna shift to this site from Mangafox for my comments on Fairy Tail manga. this chapter was a bit funny and also had somewht expected results. LOL Jenny how would sex appeal work against acnologia. Anna’s plan obviously failed as expected cuz Zeref has the key to tht ravines of time. but still the motion sickness part was really funny. even Acnologia has tht weakness like all Dragon slayers LOL. then they just bundle him on a huge cage and then make it move very fast XDD. but wait one thing i didn’t understand is why didn’t this sickness affect Wendy before. i mean we all saw wendy ride trains with the group many times but now it affects her as well in this ship. can she cast troia spell on herself to cure this sickness. answers abt this would be appreciated. well the battle between Natsu and Zeref is getting cooler and awesome with each chapter. most probably tht book Lucy opened has something tht made Natsu fired up. i feel this chapters r not rushed unlike others who feel it’s rushed as Hiro sensei wants it to end with a happy ending and let’s just see how the upcoming chapters lead us to the end.

    • Lucky

      Mashima had firstly decided to only make Natsu have motion sickness (it was just supposed be his sickness,not having any kind of relation with his powers) this is also proved in the first chapters/episodes of tenrou arc where both gajeel and Wendy were both not affected by transportation (the trip to the island) . Later, mashima changed this and made an another theory stating once a dragon slayer reaches the certain extend of its power (possibly close to dragonization) they are sffect by transport. You could say there is a development in the dragon slayers except sir dragneel

  • Dragonpwner6

    I wonder if Acnologia can eat god slayer magic?

  • Lilith Mins

    Who is Mitsu Dragneel

  • Nuno lucci

    Chapters 532-533 were lit