Fairy Tail Chapter 530



  • Rio

    I am


    • King Kunta

      Great you want a cookie

      • Rio

        No thank you.
        Gotta cut back on the “sweets”

  • AhMazeIn

    Things have gotten better. Though, I hope this timelapse thing fails for Acnologia,and i think it will since Zeref is after it so.

    Also, I get the feeling, opening the E.N.D book will trigger Natsu going back to half/full E.N.D

  • King Kunta

    If natsu and the other dragon slayers don’t kill acnologia we riot

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    This so Rave Master

  • kenji (THE NICE GUY)

    Omg Layla so hot. That Jude is freaking lucky.

    I wish we get a demo of Anna’s power soon.

    And come on i want some Lucy action too. When will she fight again T T

    With all this revalation and this being the final arc I wonder how many chapters (months) we have left. (Sigh) im gonna be sad.

    And the Anime returning I just hope it will return soon cause il tired of waiting. And ut better be worth the wait

  • Naza Lover

    Cannot say that was a good chapter.
    They are very confident in their plan to defeat Acnologia, but what if he already knows, he had a great hearing, like when he hear Eileen and Erza talking despite being far ways because the Universe One spell.
    Got confused regarding the Eclipse gate from where Anna and the Dragon Slayers kids come from, maybe I’m wrong since had been a long time after reading that part.
    But wasn’t stated that when the Eclipse Gate is destroyed those that traveled through it, be from the past or future are returned to their original time-line. Just like Future Rogue and the Dragons he summoned.
    Then how is Anna and the Dragon Slayers still 400 years in the present if the Gate they used has been destroyed? They should be back to their original time.

    Did Zeref attack finally had some effect on Natsu or is because his friends are opening the Book of END?

    • Yuukihime

      Well, the gate was destroyed so there’s no gate in the future to come back from. However, Natsu and the rest came past the gate from the past and also in a past before the gate was destroyed. Therefore, they don’t get erased in the present.

  • Wendy Dragneel

    Isn’t there any messages from mashima anymore??

    • jacob levenson

      there’s a o on the buck on the left hand corner of the front page.