Fairy Tail Chapter 529



525 : Sa

526 : I

527 : Go

528 : Ma

529: De

  • Wendy Dragneel

    What does sa I go ma de mean ?

    • Christian

      I have the same question

      • Wendy Dragneel


    • Xerxes Kun

      SAIGOMADE = Until the end.

      • jacob levenson

        is it complete or wll more be added? (I know it’s not going to be grammatically correct since it’s in english but is it grammatically complete if it was in japanese?)

        • Misk

          Every chapter cover contains a part of whatever Mashima wants to tell us. So far, “saigo made” has been shown

          • jacob levenson

            i’m guessing were gonna get either 2 more or 7 more messages. (2 more would make 7 which is FT number of obession and 7 more would make 12 which mashima said would be an important number in this arc.)

          • Misk

            I’ve been reading that the message could be “Thank you for reading until the end”, that’d mean 11 more chapters.

  • Takaflame

    Well this isn’t fun anymore. Lucy doing what she does best crying. Final arc lacking a lot imo.

  • Naza Lover

    I don’t understand what are they trying to do, didn’t dragon slayers become stronger after eating their element or in Acnologia case pure magic?
    I don’t remember Acnologia being this slow he apparently can’t catch the ship or blast it with his roar.

    I’m going to be very disappointed if they are the ones who defeat Acnologia instead of the Dragon Slayers like Igneel and the other planned, by sending them to the future.

    Guess that I along with many others where right it was Anna heartfilia, that traveled through the eclipse gate with the Dragon Slayers and she was supposed to be their guardian.

    Zeref had really loss it he isn’t even reasoning anymore.

    • jacob levenson

      the plan wouldn’t work since Acnologia is immune to magic so nothing can hurt him.

      • Ian

        What’s so magical about a time rift?

        • jacob levenson

          The DS couldn’t hurt him. Not without turning into dragons and even then most of their attack are useless and even those that might be helpful will suffer from a critical power reduction.

          • Ian

            Oh, I thought you were talking about the plan with the time rift.

        • Steven Huyen Tran

          So sealing him in an eternal prison is their plan?

          • Ian

            So Anna says.

      • Naza Lover

        He may be immune to magic attacks, but as proved by Igneel physical attacks or at least from other Dragons can hurt and leave lasting damage on him.

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    Anna Heartfilia is pretty

    • King Kunta

      She more prettier that lucy to me

      • Lucy Heartfilia


  • Somerandomguy

    So are they trying to seal him away in some time rift or something? If so, couldn’t they have just lured him into the Eclipse Gate 400 years ago and destroyed it so he would be stuck?

    • Oyewole Titilayo

      The gate was destroy by natsu,during 1000 dragons arck

  • Kyra Taylor

    Plot twists

  • King Kunta

    Wish Anna Heartfilia took lucy spot as the main heroine. She’s more useful

    • Phan Boy

      I don’t even know how to react to this.

  • Point_Blank

    So… If “Sa I Go Ma De” means “Until the end”, it could mean that we’re getting 13 more chapters. This is following the fact that he has shown, in the opening page of a chapter, Arcs art of Fairy Tail and after Galuna Island, we got 13 more arcs. These includes; Phantom Lord, Loke, Tower of Heaven, Battle of Fairy Tail, Oracion Seis, Edolas, Tenrou Island, X791, Grand Magic Games, Sun Village, Tartaros, Avatar and Alvarez Empire. Or it could mean 12 more, since X791 Arc is very short and he said that 12 was an important number in this arc. We’ll see. ^ ^

  • Vakho Gabelia

    Ok, i have Big problem with Anna, Im sorry if this will soun like a rant, but here goes


    i get that after 5 years she found out about them being fine and decided
    to let them live in peace for now, but WHAT ABOUT ACNO NUKING TENROU
    ISLAND!? why not after that? or GMG when FRIGIN DRAGONS CAME FROM THE
    GATE, and yes i know stuff was covered up (thanks to Mest), but im
    pretty sure she knew about it. or DURING TARTAROS ARC!? and lets not
    forget that in this time HER BEST FRIEND is known as Ultimate Evil Black
    Wizard Zeref, so this also gives her reason to contact DS after Lullaby
    and Tower of Heaven incident. was that research so time consuming that
    she could not move her 50 or something year old ass for a minute to at
    least write a letter or anything.

  • kenji

    Man this arc is long. With this chapter. This arc is now 90 chapters long

    Still dissapointed that instead of Lucy being their on the ship with Erza and Wendy meeting Anna and hearing these stuff. She’s there with gray talking about Natsu, crying

    Please Hiro if ur gonna end fairy Tail please end it in a good. Not with some bullshits