Fairy Tail Chapter 528



  • More Onii-chan Harder

    Man this Chapter felt to short and that female in the end i kinda have a feeling that ik who she’s
    tho the previous chapter was better than this one
    but it’s a good thing knowing what Acnologia real power is

  • Dragon

    It was nice to see jellal fight like the old jellal, wendy so scared she lost her damn mind the hell was she thinking lol i’m guessing that’s layla at the end?? maybe anna?? Nice enjoyable chapter. Shout out to yonko for always hooking us up even tho we don’t deserve it

  • Naza Lover

    Well didn’t expect that they would survive a encounter with the Dragon King.

    • Xerxes Kun

      jellal had a very bad match up against august, any type of caster magic can’t work against him, no matter how powerful the magic is
      jellal is genuis at magic, can use elements, self destruction spell, abyss break, mystogan’s magic, and a lot of other type, it’s expectable for him to use a barrier… a very good perfomance from him nonethless against the strongest in the verse.

      • The Real Tobi (Cana)

        Even so August was shown to block Laxus attack with a barrier and defeat Mirajane with a Death Beam, as well as use some Volcano technique against Natsu. So August had other powers….

      • Naza Lover

        But he was defeated just a few chapters ago lying in the ground, now he arrived from that far and was in condition to stop/block an attack from Acnologia.
        Who we had saw how deadly and destructive his attacks are by simple hand gesture.

      • ShiningHaxorus

        let’s put it this way, zeref is also a genius at magic, one which the series officially stated. zeref cannot even possibly scratch acno, even with his hax insta-kill curse magic unless he gets fairy heart.
        Then when it comes down to brute force , dragons are absolutely unmatched. humans weren’t their food source for so many years 400 years ago without a reason. Should they had the ability to defend themselves or slay the dragons, they would have without need DS magic.

        So for jellal to successfully shield off an attack by dragon acno is just utter bs made by popularity. There is no type advantages jellal has over acno as of the information given so far.

    • The Real Tobi (Cana)

      Lol it’s Erza nothing bad ever happens to her, she always comes out on top. I’m just surprised Acnologia didn’t die this chapter

      Hopefully it is just a descendant and not Anna, that would be so….I won’t say stupid, but it won’t make sense.

      • Naza Lover

        Well that is true she survived with her entire body being shattered and still be able to slice a Meteorite summoned by a Dragon.

        Yeah it would be weird, but this is FT after all most characters of the good side don’t die Juvia and Gajeel are good examples. So far only Makarov seems permanently dead.

        • Fairy Shit LUL

          that you are wrong… makarov is alive you know! He is a fairy tail guild master thats why…thus a fairy tail core member


          • German Pinilla

            so what? he could die anyway, you know?

  • Takaflame

    Lmfao this is going to end the worst way ever. Look the biggest villain going to be taken down by some bs? wtf well it’s FT I expect this.

    • Spike237

      I doubt Acnologia is going to die like this but who knows? This is Hiro after all.

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Lol surprise surprise Erza manages to survive an encounter with Acnologia, even though her death or her getting mortally wounded would’ve made his appearance that much better when Natsu and co finally confront him. Erza should sit out the rest of this arc she’s done too much already.

  • Raige

    This is the dude who blitzed Gildarts and God Serena…

  • jacob levenson

    I thinks that a human and redeemed Kyouka. (same cloak and arm ornaments. Every villainous female who wear lipstick has been redeemed in FT )

  • BIGsoch
    • Kyra Taylor


  • Zzeroo Requiem

    damn! i thought the demon dragon is referred to END.

    • Somerandomguy

      The official title of the chapter was actually “Dragon of Magic.” Guess “Dragon Demon” was the literal translation though

  • Somerandomguy

    Is that supposed to be Anna at the end? I guess she also went into the eclipse gate with the dragon slayers

    • German Pinilla

      i guess so, they also said the “key”


    https://www.youtube.com/SGSAMI -> Live Reaction / Review

  • Shreyas JV

    The person who comes in the end( and I am sure of this) is none other than Erza’s mom “Irene Belserion” when she was young 400 years ago before becoming a Dragon Slayer( as a queen) and not Anna Heartfilia.
    The way they defeat Acnologia is what I think the most ridiculous way possible, they obviously put him on some vehicle(thereby causing motion sickness) and take him down together. Only Erza’s mom could have thought of this at such a time.
    But nonetheless, it has every probability of becoming Anna Heartfilia

    • Vakho Gabelia

      its ether Anna,Layla or another Future Lucy.

      my hope of Ileen/Irene or her soul giving Jellal (or Erza) some power
      boost to
      fend off Acnologia, than when she passes she could have used the cliché
      for Jellal like “I leave my daughter in your care” or “take care of
      Erza”, kinda what Silver did with Juvia, was crushed.:-(

      it would been an amazing twist if Ileen/Irene turned Jellal into Dragon
      Slayer and went into his body to prevent his Dragonofication and to be
      with Erza through him.

    • jacob levenson

      hair color doesn’t match.

  • Jamo500

    My guess is thay are taking him to the dragon grave yard , plus what the heck did wendy think she could do against acno -_-

  • DaRkKenX

    Pretty Sure Acno said “I am the Dragon of Magic”… Not the “I am Demon Dragon”.

  • Robert Orwell

    There is a translator note in page 9 which is in Portuguese, my mother tongue!!! I’m so delighted!!!!!!!! Thanks, Yonkou.

  • The Lucky Bastard

    Fairy Tail 528 All in one page at MangaDark

  • Coral Campbell

    I’m almost positive going to be a Hearfilia. The hair is similar and they’ve been going on and on about the power of the 12 zodiac keys and Lucy’s hidden power etc. I feel like they’ve been setting that mystery up for a huge takedown of some kind.

  • mchan1

    The hint was the ‘key’ at the end.
    It can’t be Future Lucy as her timeline was erased though it could be ‘another’ Future Lucy.
    Most likely, it will be a Heartfilia but which one?
    Probably Anna since it has to be someone who is familiar with Arcnologia.