Fairy Tail Chapter 527


Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’ Edition



  • Wizard

    Oh noooo

  • Steven Huyen Tran

    I guess August died out without Mavis knowing who he was/is.
    Kinda anti-climatic. He could have gotten rid of them all. But in the end similar to Irene he let his memories and I guess sentimentality end him.

  • Subhan Shahid

    That hit me in the feel so fucking hard, dammit mashima. The only reason August couldn’t go through with it was because he didn’t wanna hurt his mother or be remembered as someone who killed of her friends. Fucking beautiful dammit.

  • Skysurfer94

    Somehow, I just feel “meh” for this chapter.

  • AhMazeIn

    I can already see the people coming out in herds cause of that “to save Natsu, you’ll need the power of your friends”

    • Just Apple

      I’m taking it in the sense that they need their magic and not the cheesy line “nakama power”

      • Jamo500

        I was thinking the same that their magic will save natsu

  • Naza Lover

    Wow, that was sad and anti-climatic, yet beautiful despite growing up without love August still couldn’t kill his own mother or the people she care about. His fate was similar to Eileen.
    Though I wanted to see Acnologia reaction to August last spell, if it reached that far.
    Two erased Spriggans in one chapter, Alvarez empire is done.

    Mavis want to defeat Zeref, but he maybe needed to face Acnologia.

  • Dragon

    Back to back really good chapters and dragon demon?!?? next chapter looks like its gonna be just as good.

  • jacob levenson

    Am I the only one to notice the letter count down in the last few chapter? SA-525, I-526, and now GO-527?

    • Misk

      Nice catch. That means “Last” in Japanese, right? Last arc, rip

      • jacob levenson

        “End of somehting” or “end of life”. I’m gonna guess that’s the name of END’s curse.

    • DamonDraco

      Where did you take these letters from?

      • jacob levenson

        chapter covers, (525,526 and 527)

  • Zzeroo Requiem

    Natsu will be save by nakama power all over again.

  • Nuno lucci

    The end of August… That’s sad, Mavis never met her child

    • stark nemesis

      and never will

  • fish8100

    So August never did tell Mavis or Zeref huh… Actually made it a bit emotional. Natsu called Zeref brother. o_o, he’s so nice.

    • Steven Huyen Tran

      I guess the flashback/dream inside his mind/heart did affect him. I at least hope that somehow Jellal/Gerard somehow manage to inform them. I really dislike those unsolved things. Like if Mavis would react different the next time she sees Zeref knowing that their short romance actually end up producing another life.

      But Mavis seems to be focused on stopping Zeref. What about Acnologia? I hope she is prepared for him.

  • The Fabulous Wombat

    Surprisingly, i don’t hate this chapter as much as i thought i would….i mean, the way August went out is still lame and convenient as hell. But i can understand his feelings for Mavis WAY better than i can understand Eileen’s for Erza. It’s still shit…but not as bad as Eileen imo.

    • Kold_Blooded_Killer

      How is it lame? Do you people need 10-15 chapters for each and every fight? His magic was countered by gildarts and cana, and thus he was exhausted of his magic power. He thought sacrificing himself for his father’s sake was the last thing he could do, thats why he went on to destroy everything but seeing Mavis suffering because of him stopped him as he couldnt kill his own mother, could he? SMH

      • Bob

        LMao magic?? what magic did he use? I didn’t see the “king of all magic” cast a SINGLE spell against Gildarts or Cana. He runs out of magic power that easily?? Stop defending this bs

        • Noah μ

          Do you even know why he’s called the ”King Of All Magic” and what his magic is? Have you even read the chapter? It’s ”the instantaneous copying of magic!” Of course he won’t be shooting magic unique to his own because he only instantly copies caster magic and nullifies the user. duhhhhhhhhhhhhh. For ”Ars-Magia,” I believe he has learned it through the years.

      • Jōichirō Yukihira

        Now that they’re all gone, what was the point of the spriggan 12? They didn’t accomplish anything imo. They didn’t further Zeref’s goal, they didn’t achieve anything. It felt like they just exist to extend the arc.

  • jacob levenson

    and everything zeref went through to bring him back. I think that even’s things out.

  • Alex Calhoun

    I guess I’m just a bona-fide idiot because I’m still completely lost. First they said Larcade or Rhakeid or however the hell you spell his name, was Zeref and Mavis’s child, then they turn around, discard all that, and make August their child instead? And he looks older than the both of them! I don’t get what’s happening anymore.

  • Rycka Aleksejunas

    Next title Dragon/Demon gonna be fucking OP prolly we will see powers of E.N.D again

  • Big Boob Luffy

    This chapter went from 100 to 0 real fast and I can’t remember the last time I’ve complained about a Fairy Tail chapter just because I’ve grown use to the crap it pulls, but what the hell was up with how August “died”?

    • Aulix Indragonz

      The author probably want to end this as fast as possible

      • stark nemesis

        Like obviously it’s his fault he wasted too much time on eileen

        • Aulix Indragonz

          yeah, what a waste of potential

  • jacob levenson

    I don’t think August is done is what this chapter might be leaning towards.

  • Giannis P


  • Kyra Taylor
    • Jamo500

      Typical natsu

  • Gate7

    Crazy chapter and at last we are at the best part. I kinda feel sad that it is ending but guys mark my words, the manga will be over before the 6th of may and you know the reason. Lets hope for an amazing ending that we will be remembering it forever. Thanks yonkou best of the best.

  • jacob levenson

    Maybe not? Remember he was giving Larcade a death glare and might have been busy.

  • jacob levenson

    proably. Gotta remember she was under the affect of invel spell so her power was locked away. Nothing to sense.