Fairy Tail Chapter 526


Life finds a way



  • Hakuryuu

    Oh that was some twist, even though mishama is known for his bad writing I must say the twist was good

  • SJ

    We all must agree that was a fantastic twist and some solid writing

  • Somerandomguy

    Well August, maybe you should of told him you were his son then

  • Dragon


  • Savior

    Well this was a damn good chapter. Loved it.

  • Richa

    Awesome chapter

  • Lucian Crowe

    Fuck that was awesome!

  • LoveMeSomePhilly
  • Naza Lover

    This chapter was great.
    Though is disappointing that the strongest Spriggan and supposed Magic King was using magic he has copied before.
    I suspected that Larcade was created, but didn’t expect he was also a etherious and a failed one at that.
    August being Zeref son was a good twist.

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    My life is a lie

  • Kara

    Very awesome chapter! This is why I take a ‘wait and see’ approach to the crappier chapters and the weird, doesn’t make any sense things that sometimes pop up. Mashima does eventually weave things together. This makes so much more sense, especially considering how young Larcade looked. Also, this means that, despite being younger looking, Larcade is 400 years old… E.N.D. was the last Etherious, so he had to have been created before all of that.

    • Jamo500

      But still being called dragneel doesnt make sense though

      • Kara

        It does, actually. Zeref says it himself. Larcade was the best of his creations so he named him Dragneel. A favorite pet, or even an artwork, sometimes gets bestowed with the owner’s name. How many people do you know that give their dog their own last name?

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Kinda saw it coming, I thought it was farfetched and abandoned the theory glad it worked out better than I thought though I know a lot of people on reddit thought it was going to turn out this way. Also Copy Mage August the man who copied a thousand Magic Jutsu. Seriously though glad Mashima actually had a reason for some things not working out with his powers, he hopefully continues this pace.

    Great chapter, though the only thing I find bs’y this time was August saying he can use his magic to recall memories of his parents. Of course he never went into depth and could be using magic to search other things and depending on how old he was he would have hidden memories or at least memories he couldn’t recall normally, so glad Mashima covered that base as well.

  • yuriy33

    Wow, what a plot twist. I was thinking that Rakheid was a bit young to be the child of zeref and mavis. I honestly did not think it was August.

  • Jamo500

    Thats was totally unexpected August not rakheid kinda makes sense

  • Nuno lucci

    In the case of August… You are the SON
    What not Rahkeid whhhhhhaaaaaaattttt!!!

  • mchan1

    wth about August?

    He was abandoned but how was he conceived? Was he really a demon from the book?
    it doesnt make sense.

    someone please explain hos origin! it looks like that he had mavis’ eyes as a child.

    • Yukonissea Haruki

      I see your confusion. It is Larcade/Rahkeid who is the demon from the book of Zeref. And August is the ‘life’ that Precht was pertaining to inside the body of Mavis while she was ‘crystallized’. So that means that, August is really the son of Mavis and Zeref, meanwhile Larcade is just another demon from the book of Zeref. I hope it’s crystal clear for you now.

      • mchan1

        How was August conceived?

        • LoveMeSomePhilly

          Zeref railed Mavis

  • Christopher Aeria

    this chapter was just wow! Finding August living through his whole life unloved is kinda sad

  • Giannis P

    Great chapter