Fairy Tail Chapter 525


Chapter 525: Why has the King’s child not received LVE? – Read Here

  • Rycka Aleksejunas

    Holy fuck Zeref is savage . I loved this chapter.

  • Javon Ameerali

    Larcade got fodderized again xD

  • Porthya

    Thank you, Yonkou-san XD Wow, the midi-chlorians were busy XD

  • Subhan Shahid

    loved the chapter thanks a lot yonko.

  • Naza Lover

    Wow, poor Larcade.
    I thought that August just wanted to mess with Gildarts by asking him if he love Cana, but he was just curious about why Larcade is not loved by his father.

    Still Zeref no mercy for his own son.

    A little confused it was Zeref or Larcade that says “will be free from brother Curse?

    Thanks Yonko for the chapter.

    • SJ

      Zeref is infatuated with nastu lol , so much that he doesn’t pay attention to larcade (at least that’s what larcade thinks) so that’s probably what he meant free from brothere curse

      • fade27713

        Why do all these calm and collected characters always break down in the end ? Larcade was shown to be calm and fairly apathetic when we first meet him.

        • SJ

          Well not only does this happen in most manga, larcades calm and collected demeanor was due to high confidence in his ability not only has he been defeated but he’s know I’m front of the one person who he feels his father loves more than him , thus breaking down in psychotic rage and emotion

  • Natsu x777

    wow, so Precht left live to Rakheid but how Rakheid finish in Arakitashia with Zeref?

    Very interesting chapter.

  • Nakki

    I love this

  • The Fabulous Wombat

    I find it weird that August can casually stop Gildart’s punches, but has to dodge Kana’s cards…like, cmon.

  • Patrick Pham

    So judging what Mavis has said about Natsu’s fate, either that Mavis knows Natsu will use a full power destructive attack like Dragon Force or Fire Dragon King Mode. Or Zeref might cause a huge death wave like in Tenrou Island, which would make sense why Mavis ask them to leave with Natsu fighting Zeref since Natsu’s scarf would protect him from Zeref’s magic. I’m gonna think next chapter, since Natsu saw Zeref killed Larcade, Natsu would go angry and thus use Dragon Force or something to at least overpower Zeref.

  • Dragon

    Maaannnn these past couple chapters hiro been in rave master mode good shit.

  • Dragon

    rave master was greatness man

  • Kyra Taylor


  • King Kunta

    What I don’t get is when her and zeref kiss she passed out and he took her to The Guild how the f*** did she get pregnant then

  • Giannis P

    Great chap thanks

  • King Kunta

    Same here

  • Wizard


  • Lilith Mins

    isnt it supposed to be LOVE instead of LVE