Fairy Tail Chapter 524


Chapter 524: Dark Future – Read Here

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  • King Kami

    My boy Acnologia straight up Stomp on irene Like she owed him money SAVAGE aha better be glad he wasnt wearing timbs lol when august just took fairy glitter as if it was a love tap that gave me the *Nakama power incoming* vibe especially when he threaten cana i give him 3 more chapters till GIldarts defeats him

  • Zzeroo Requiem

    Yeah kill them all acnologia your my favorite now… and yes august kill cana, thats the only way gildarts would enrage..

  • Crixalis_Sandking

    Fuck you Acnologia. Go rot in fucking planet Jupiter and get swept by the Great Red Spot. I hope you get fucking rekt by Goku afterwards you piece of crap shit. (sorry for using these set of cheap words but i can’t help it, i just lost respect over Acnologia, he went from cool to trash imo in this chapter)

    I hope Eileen gets saved by Erza (even if she doesn’t mean anything to her since she tried to kill her, she’s still her mom biologically and theoretically speaking) and Wendy. She doesn’t deserve this. I don’t care if the only mean to do this is by going shit-tier to pull-off an asspull out of nowhere. I just want Erza to rage, forgive, help and save her mom from misery (i dont believe the bs that she’s dead). She doesn’t get the fact that mom loves her despite of her insane flaws. I really hope an asspull for mom-daughter bond happens soon to fight crap like Acnologia.

    • Vakho Gabelia

      in my country next chapter relies date (March 3) is actually Mothers day (not kidding, also 8 March is women day) i wonder if that’s coincidence.
      also this act makes Acno look pathetic. he ignored living Dragon Slayer (the thing he is after), to stomp a dead body of someone who he didn’t beat, its like that kid in grade school who is the COOLEST in school because he poked dead dog with a stick.

    • Kyra Taylor


      • Crixalis_Sandking

        Thank you Captain Fucking OBVIOUS.

        Smh. Next time, please increase your IQ level.

        • Kyra Taylor

          Someones mad.

          • Crixalis_Sandking

            Wow. Is this a new low for someone who is technically smarter than a monkey?
            Humanity is indeed really on a new level of low right now it seems.

          • Nakki

            Dude. Agreeing with kyra Taylor. Your ranting on a very good chapter shows how mentally disorderd you are. As if it wasn’t stated from the beginning that acnologia is mad

          • Crixalis_Sandking

            I don’t give a fuck if it’s good or shit. (Did you read my so called mentally retarded opinion and rant on how trash Acnologia is – Just because he’s cool and badass for you and for most casual fans, doesn’t mean he’s a complete asshole) I did make myself clear that he’s shit right now. Period. Case Closed. No more damn arguments. It’s my opinion. Don’t tell me what to do.

          • Kyra Taylor


  • Fairy Shit LUL

    mah boy acnologia doing it right!

    acnologia saving this manga for sure LUL!

  • Jeager Frost

    I think its already highly time for Mavis to use 3rd power of Fairy Tail which its still mystery

    • Savior

      The third power is not a mystery. Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter and Fairy Sphere are the only three great fairy magic.

      • Jeager Frost

        Sorry my mistake 😛

  • Savior

    Zeref please make us understand how dying of Natsu will save the future of humanity. They should both join hands to kill Acnologia first.

  • Hakuryuu

    Acnologia is a savage!!! He should be stomping on Erza’s head like the crap she is

  • Naza Lover

    Wow don’t know what to think of Acnologia now.
    Don’t if hate him or not.
    I mean stomping a dead body of a person he didn’t even killed is pretty low, if Eileen wasn’t dead now she sure is, more so going by Zeref words.
    Everybody felt his magic and know that is him, yet Erza and Wendy who are so close to him don’t recognize him, strange Wendy should be able to smell him and know who is in front of her.

    Okay so first Zeref wanted to kill Acnologia then die to be free of his curse, now he want to die and leave the others to deal with Acnologia, pretty coward of him.

    Guess that Natsu is no match for his big brother now that he doesn’t have Igneel power, looking forward to see what “power of me” Natsu will use to defeat a immortal, he should have choosed to be either a dragon or demon.

    Cana is in trouble if August want to kill her, he took Fairy Glitter like it was nothing.

  • Lucian Crowe

    Does that mean August must have a son?

    • Lucy Heartfilia

      No. I think he’s talking about Larcade

      • Lucian Crowe

        True, however why did Hiro hint something like that? It sounds to me he has a reason for not understanding parent/child love.

  • Kyra Taylor


  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Honestly, fuck Hiro.
    Irene’s death wasn’t necessary, there was so much lost potentials with her character, the nakama bs against her was too fucking much, and now Acnologia crushing her body? Fuck you Hiro.

    • Kyra Taylor

      Deal with it.

  • Nakki

    Acnologia is saving the manga. Acnologia is a mad person. Everyone knows that. Fairy-tail fans will just look for something to shit the manga

  • Nakki

    Magi readers can already see where fairy tail is going. Zeref has turned to sinbad