Fairy Tail: Chapter 523


Here’s the second parter to this double chapter release, hope you enjoy it.



  • KC KC

    I feel like mashima is just cramming everything together

  • Lyel Berserk

    “Eu” “eu”? That thing Gray said is portuguese right? The scans are from brazilian translators?

  • Lyel Berserk

    The scans came from here right xD? That thing you forgot to translate from Gray is portuguese hehehe

  • Lucian Crowe

    Well Erza and Wendy are in deep shit right now. With this whole Universe One stuff I wonder where Jellal was originally? Hopefully he makes an appearance or something I need some jerza with all this sadness.

  • Missnalty

    On va voir flou quand Erza os brisés va battre Acnologia.

  • Point_Blank

    Do you want to see a Hiro Mashima?… Erza inherits her Mother’s Dragon Power, transforming Erza into the Princess of Dragons, Scarlet Dragon! JK. Next episode is gonna be good!!! – – –
    Even tho many people may hate on Fairy Tail for how it goes “up and up and up” to just drag himself by gravity, I think Fairy Tail is A GREAT AMAZING MANGA SERIES WITH AN AMAZING CAST AND STORY, period. It delivers the necessity of the Anime and Manga fans. A great Shounen series, indeed.

    • Nakki

      Dude. I was like you. But you gotta admit. Erza is crap now,

      • Patrick Pham

        Yeah, I don’t think Erza would get any stronger besides buying new armor.

      • Point_Blank

        I love Erza regardless. She is easily one if not thee best female character in anime/manga right now, period.

  • Galen Vaughn

    finally a good readable chapter

    • Kyra Taylor

      Then draw one miss 3 weeb C:

  • Zeref’s new clothes look awesome on him.

    Pray for Wendy. Not even “because she’s Erza” can save those 2. Someone else will have to.

    I really wanted to see more of Acnologia Vs Irene but oh well.

    I wonder if Acnologia will remember Wendy trying to communicate with him on Tenroujima. Either way it looks like he is ready to destroy everything.

    I hope and expect bad things to happen in the upcoming chapters now that Acnologia has finally appeared again. He is hungry for destruction just like Natsu was hungry for battle.

  • Natsu Dragneel


  • Naza Lover

    Well, Natsu save Gray life once again since he will be forget from the memories of anybody, guess thay it was predictable that he was stopped by Natsu from fully casting the spell. Really thought that Zeref would kill Gray before he try using the spell.
    Natsu crying one moment and the next he was ready to rumble with Zeref. Which look pretty badass in his new clothes.

    Erza and Wendy had tough luck, of all the places to arrive Acnologia appear before them, really want to know how they will get out of that one.
    Honestly though he kill Cobra before appearing in front of the other Dragon Slayers, maybe he will smell that Erza have a similar scent to Eileen and will attack her then Wendy, unless other arrive to help them.
    Eileen was toying with them and that led her to get badly hurt, but Acnologia will kill then very easily withouth wasting time, since he had more dragon slayers to slay.

    I see August was referring to Acnologia arriving to the battlefield once again, the old man really fear the Dragon King and with good reason to do.

    He is bored with the current world, which means he will try to destroy it or like his name he will bring the Apocalypse.

    Really hyped for the next chapter already, too bad that it wasn’t a triple chapter release this week.

  • Vakho Gabelia

    Well isn’t this bad, Erza! Too bad you instead of talking how great of a
    parent Makarov was in front of your actual parents body, you didn’t ask
    Wendy (who apparently recharged) to save her (like she did Juvia, same
    kind suicide), a mother who despite being little crazy loves you to
    pieces to a point that she rather kill herself than kill you, who is a
    dragon and who managed to held against Acnologia, the person in front of
    you and who wants to kill all Dragon Slaiers like Wendy, on her own and
    even managed to send him away.

  • Glendo Ray Marave

    HAHAHAHA acnologia “the savior of this manga” has appeared in the wrong spot! LOL!

    It was nice knowing he’s back but maybe he’ll die in the next 2 chapters!

    calling it! LOL!

  • Dragonpwner6


    • jacob levenson

      like how you want wendy to be saved and not erza.


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  • Nakki

    Oh my God. Acnologia, the hope for this manga appeared in from of the plot Queen. Oh. what could go wrong? Find out next chapter

  • Johnny


  • Kyra Taylor

    Lol nice gay moment Hiro.

  • OO[QAN]T

    >>Natsu said he will burn his fate away..
    >>Then Zeref said he accept his cursed fate because THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICES, that’s why it called fate…

    Dunno why i have a feeling that END is still inside natsu or natsu can’t escape from that..because there’s no other choices…but i think i should not bring my hope too high…

    oh wait, Acnologia is backk!! yayay

  • Khristille Chico

    why ppl want to see one or many character to die in anime/manga
    and did mashima said that fairy tail is ending ?? and why did they say that fairy tail is ending where did they find it?? is alvarez arc is the final arc? what about lucy finding aquarius’s key??? then about layla is there something to do with her??
    please answeer

  • Naza Lover

    Just saw the spoilers for the next chapter and can’t believe what will happen..
    In my opinion next chapter will be a little dark or at least will have blood Because of Acnologia action toward Eileen dead body Something that I disliked.
    But had to wait for the actual chapter.