Fairy Tail Chapter 521


Double chapters next week. Enjoy it.


  • T Hikari

    Suddenly fairy tail becomes “bright” again

  • King Kami

    Gildarts Vs August lets Go!!!! Hopefully there battle last longer than jellals case aha but the next 2 ch should be interesting hopefully we get to see a Natsu And Zeref Confrontation within those 2 ch and since this is FT Gray “Trump Card” will probably be enough to survive there little confrontation imagine if he defeats zeref dude!! That would be so anticlimactic

  • Gray having a good time with Lucy on the cover just doesn’t feel right, I’m used to him being half naked in Lucy’s house and then the comedy beings.

    Nice to see all the Strauss siblings getting a win. It wasn’t looking good for Lisanna & Elfman earlier on. Jacob still kept his eyes closed lol.

    I laughed the moment I saw Brandish with the miniature DiMaria.

    Gildartz VS August, the dream match begins.

    I was a little surprised that Zeref was still in the guild, I thought he might have been moved elsewhere but anyway i wonder what plan Gray has for the next chapter or 2 since it’s double chapters next time.

    • Porthya

      But they’ve been shown several times, on the covers and at the guild, having chats, it’s the norm for their friendship and also part of the comedy when the 2 make a straight-man duo reacting to the others’ crazy antics. Plus, to me, it brings some nostalgia regarding the times when Gray was wiser and more careful with his choices and actions.
      Zeref is hax and experienced enough to oppose the effects of U1 if he so chooses. He’s been mentioned several times to have been either the teacher, the creator or source of knowledge for many highly developed magic users.

  • ashutosh

    i can’t open the link

    • FuuKaku

      try to copy + paste the link

  • ashutosh

    someone send it please

  • Subhan Shahid

    Beautiful just beautiful

  • Wiraa Abiyyus

    i hate the cover

    • Patrick Pham

      Forget the cover, I mean Natsu and Lucy has been on many more chapters compared to this. Besides, story show lots of Natsu x Lucy moments lately so the cover means nothing.

  • Midmatt_44

    Please let Makarov stay dead!!!

  • Porthya

    Thank you, yonkou-san! LMAO, is someone in the manga staff stalking the message and comment boards?! Mashima just gave Zeref a line that often expresses our expectations of who should face the bosses!
    I hope Gildarts showcases some variety in skill and that the fight with August is fun. It’d be hilarious if on top of fighting him, Gildarts also lectures the old fart about the role seniors should play in a family since the shaman grandpa was just about to sacrifice the younger Spriggans for a spell or power-up.
    The cover only drives the general point home better, Gray and Lucy have always been good friends and minds alike so them bonding over a good conversation is the core of their relationship. These 2 are the classic straight-man duo of the team and guild, after all XD.
    Kaldia Cathedral is joining the guild-hall in the mandatory wreckage happening around Fairy Tail. Thank goodness Makarov signed out, if he hadn’t died protecting his kids, he would’ve died a more humiliating way at the sight of the next repairs bill =))
    Ugh, I mistook Ajeel’s grandpa for August…it was Yajeel(ugh, now that I look better, it’s in the name)
    Disappointed Mira vs Statham was off-paged and that Juvia is still passed out >.> Really, Mashima?! Wendy is back up and running after fighting, saving lives and boosting others, though she can’t heal herself, and a former elite and experienced fighter has to face rl rules?!?
    Natsu, Lucy, Mavis and co better reach Gray in time, I don’t like the sadistic look on Zeref’s face, it might guarantee part of the reason Gray will survive, but I bet he’s jealous of Gray for “stealing” the bro status.Besides, Gray’s choice of going on his own annoys me to no ends, that’s where his similarities with Lucy end. Since Avatar he’s been acting quite irresponsibly and this whole arc he’s been a mess, basically throwing away all that his relationships with his loved ones have thaught him and his levelheadedness. No matter what “trump card” he has, no smart person’s supposed to face such a hax villain on their own.
    The book might come back into play sooner than we thought, as well.
    I’m glad Brandish is maintaining her neutrality and taking DiMaria away as well.

    • Lucy Heartfilia

      Dimaria is acting as though they are still best friends after what she did to Brandish -.-
      But yes. I think Gray is going insane as well for doing this. Also, many fans believe that he will attempt iced shell once again.

      • Porthya

        I completely disagree with the Iced Shell and Memento Mori theories, but I’m not gonna debate his choices till next week, trying to explain why I think they make no sense in the context without being taken for a hater is exhausting.
        As for DiMaria, she’s mentally messed up, someone referred to her as “a war veteran with PTSD” on mh, LMAO, and Brandish is treating her as a hostage for now, so no biggie. Her reaction to Natsu’s apology was hilarious, though.

        • Lucy Heartfilia

          It was xD


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    • The Fabulous Wombat

      Wow that’s some, subtle self advertising there.

  • More Onii-chan Harder

    The cover gave me cancer

    • Black Wolf

      Why? U a Nalu fan? Fairy tail is all about friendship and yet people get triggered if a character is shown spending time with someone other than the person that they are shipped with. Sounds ridiculous to me

      • ragedoll97

        I’m a Nalu fan but I also think it’s ridiculous for people to get mad over something like this.

      • More Onii-chan Harder

        And what pains me is when people take my jokes seriously
        *Cough* trying to trigger people *Cough *

      • Porthya

        Why are you trying to say NaLu fans automatically hate the idea of Gray and Lucy reasserting their friendship?! It’s all the cover is implying, that they’re good friends and it goes in no way against NaLu >.>

        • Black Wolf

          I’m not trying to say that at all but I have already seen Nalu fans get triggered about this cover on other sites. In fact, when hiro draws a picture of natsu or lucy with someone else on his twitter, a bunch of Nalu fans get triggered. Not talking about all Nalu fans, just the immature ones. When fans of other pairings do the same thing it’s just as ridiculous

          • Porthya

            I know what you’ve explained, it’s just that your simple question “U a NaLu fan?” in reaction to the OPs comment made it look like you were generalising the “triggering” to the entire shipping group. I’m a fan of all the (semi)canon ships but I can still tell things apart and enjoy the bromances as they are.

    • Patrick Pham

      Forget the cover, think of the story. Covers are really nothing compared to the main story. Not like they put that rubbish cover moment in the anime, right?

      • More Onii-chan Harder

        Yep i seriously wanna see what zeref gonna do to gray
        hoping hiro won’t fuck us with *Gray trump card * bullshit on Zeref

  • Emre Emre

    acnologia is coming………

  • Johnny

    Yonkou you are the best

  • Iliass Momtaz

    okey so the next chapters is gonna be Natsu x Juvia ? lol

    so lets see, Gray wants to use his last resort against Zeref wich is Iced Shell i think to prevent Natsu from dying as an act of redemption to what he did to him last time ?

    Gildartz x August is going to be insanly OP, the strongest mage of alvarez vs the strongest mage of Fiore ! LETS GO BOIZ

    • Dipesh Basnet

      I hope it really is Navia…..

  • Javon Ameerali

    Ajeel got downed by fucking Lisanna and Elfman…..Mashima you been smoking some of that good shit haven’t you?

    • The Fabulous Wombat

      WHo needs Erza, just tell Lisanna to destroy the meteor.

    • Qoureno

      smokin u say ? no, he would need stronger stuff for this

  • Somerandomguy

    “Gray’s Trump Card”
    I’m calling it now that Gray will once again attempt to use Iced Shell, only for someone or something to stop before he can finish it

  • The Fabulous Wombat

    Phahahahaha, now i am 100% Mashima does not even know what logical powerscaling is, that concept is alien to him.

  • Nakki

    Um the link isn’t working. Any admin to help please?

  • Nakki

    I just hope elfmam and lissanna beating aqeel is the last bull we will see in fairy tail

    • kiosimoto09 .

      LOL don’t request the impossible

  • Nakki

    He better not fuck up gildarts vs August.

  • Nuno lucci

    Yes, 2 chapters next week!!!

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    What a nice cover chapter. And damn fucking Jacob was defeated. I’m sad. He was my favorite Spirggan, And fucking Ajeel was taken down too? Didn’t mind that part. Never liked him. And wow August vs Gildart. Hopefully we can see the damn fight and not be it off paneled and that ending. I half expected Gray to straight up attack Zeref. Also expecting Jellal or Laxus? Gray is stronger than both of them so he be more disappointed.

  • Gate7

    So Makarov isnt dead lol (he ll get revived 1000% no questions asked). Gray’s trump card is gonna be pure failure, but still i think Natsu will die with Zeref and thats how END will trigger. There is no way END story is over because of the BS, Natsu deciding it with just a stupid answer to a question.

    Double chapter next week and movie info, pure awesomeness.

  • Bek Saidov

    Yo guys the link above isn’t working

    • Gate7

      it works fine, try another browser.

  • Qoureno

    oh well, I guess we get to see the repeat from Erza vs Dragon-Eileen, but with Gildartz n August. I seriously sensed “I am your father/grandpa/something” theme again.

    • FuuKaku


      • Qoureno

        That was the first time I ever had them face to face, n they even looked similar when I read the chalted imho lol. Similar bone structure

        • Zeref Dragneel

          nah it will be like
          August:Gildarts i am your MAMA
          Gildarts: O-O Yea ive figured

          • Qoureno

            Ur tits snall as ever mom

          • Zeref Dragneel

            yea and Gray does ICED SHELL Zeref WAIT THAT MOVE IS BANNED
            Gray:What do you mean its banned
            Zeref:Yea iced shell has been War illegal since 2004 i mean its been alot since then and now but its currently banned
            Gray:BUT THIS ISENT A WAR
            Zeref:Isent it is it not

          • Qoureno

            too much Team Four Stars man ;p Cell vs

          • Zeref Dragneel

            Yea Cell vs Yami Man Yami screw the rules in The movie again when he came ack even though he wasent there he got paid more than kaiba

          • Zeref Dragneel

            thanks for following 😀

          • Qoureno

            I simply try and gather good thinkers, I am here to talk :3 [some of the best made their accounts private tho lol ]

          • Zeref Dragneel

            now i am watching death note again i will hate when N comes in place Of L

          • Qoureno

            if the first one was called L, and we know that L may mean “fk u” (middle finger)… well, that was indeed a middle finger for Light. but anyway. maybe the new one will be named S ? from “sk my dk”XD

          • Zeref Dragneel

            L dies
            and N comes in
            Light:oh i really i hope i dont go against the entire alphabet

          • Qoureno

            I am waiting for D, ” d endo “

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    Natsu is adorable XD and then Dimaria being scared of him was amazing too.
    Gray going to kill Zeref so he can kill Natsu is depressing…

    • Dipesh Basnet

      No he won’t.
      Probably just try to freeze him or defeat him without killing him.
      Either that or Zeref wins and doesn’t,t kill him.

      • Lucy Heartfilia

        Well he’s going to attempt it. It’s common knowledge that he wants Natsu dead now that he knows he is E.N.D. Or was.

  • Vakho Gabelia

    hm we dont see Canna, Erza and Wendy. what if they meet up and accidentally came across August x Gildarts fight, August attacks them, Gildarts takes the hit (His down but not out). Canna is in shock, Wendis running on empty and Erza can bearly move. as August is about to blast them, Erza thinks “i cant do anything, someone help us”. and then August is pushed back by bleeding Ileen, who is in sorta Dragon Force form and is pissed (like she was in prison sell). who growls “you wont lay a hand on my daughter”. and eventually Worst Mom of the year and Deadbeat Dad who cant keep it in his pants will team up to protect their daughters.

    • Yuukihime

      lol if only that were true.

  • Naza Lover

    Okay, Lisanna and Elfman defeated Ajeel and Mira defeated Jacob.
    What happened to the Spriggans? Did they loss their power after their first defeat?

    It funny how cute mini-Dimaria look, it seems she developed a fear of Natsu due to his previous actions.

    Is Makarov dead or Laxus was just referring to return his grandpa home in FT.

    Wonder how the fight between Gildarts and August will, just hope they are not related in some way.

    Gray really have a dead wish going to face a immortal wizard who can easily kill him without even looking at him.
    Curious if Gray trump card will be like a mix between Ice Shell and the Memento Mori curse or something like that can harm or kill Zeref.

    I still have hope for END to appear he can’t just disappear simply because Natsu choose to be human, maybe Zeref can force his awakening as he is they creator of Etherious.

  • Chris Sajan

    Gary in full demon form could defeat END Natus

  • Gent✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ


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    Why wont this open on my phone