Fairy Tail Chapter 517





  • Porthya

    Thank you, Yonkou-san

  • Cathy Taylor

    Thank you

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    I squealed and started jumping around the house because of this chapter finally updating

  • Wizard

    Irene why haven’t you killed them yet. Her hype for now is dead :0

  • Iliass Momtaz


    • ‘Am I going to die?’ ‘Yes’ and we r supp to believe that. This is Fairy Tail. He might die for a few chaps max, only to return stronger and able to fuse both eggs at will to beat whatever Mashima throws at us eventually, probably something unrelated to the plot points up till now. But I still fkin enjoy this series. It has that Saint Seiya bullshit touch to it, even o Saint Seiya is a masterpiece imho.

  • Adnan

    I am looking forward to seeing an adult Wendy, and whether or not she will look like her Edolas counterpart. Other than that, it looks like it only took a little effort for Wendy to switch her body back, but I really wished that this part can be fleshed out more. I want more story, more character development, not just fast paced action.

  • Jay

    I’m glad that Mashima let Wendy get herself out of the situation on her own. Instead of Erza somehow rescuing her, she did it herself with her own smarts and abilities. I still hope Eileen can regain her sanity, though. It’d be a shame to just kill her off. I think she’d be an interesting character to use in a potential final Dragon Arc in the fight against Acnologia.

    • jacob levenson

      Mashima confirmed this is the finale arc of the series.

      • Porthya

        Source, please

  • Adil Boughlala

    This chapter wasn’t worth the 3 weeks waiting

    • Three weeks of fapping for Mashima. All this to make boob jokes.

  • Nakki

    I think I now understand mashima. He’s not the kind of person who writes a manga based on realistic reasoning. He writes it for fun almost like the writer of nanatsu no taizai. So while fans will say how could Wendy be able to enchant herself. Just remember. You read manga for fun

    • The Fabulous Wombat

      How can you have fun when your face is constantly showered with bullshit?

      • Nakki

        I’m surprised you’re still reading. Even through all the bashing. Oh I see, you really love fairy tail

        • The Fabulous Wombat

          I do….which makes it more painful and disappointing when it fucks up. If i didn’t like it, i wouldn’t care when it failed.

          • Nakki

            Well. I didn’t say fairy tail doesn’t have flaws. The story right now is kind of like predictable in a way to the point where I know the ending is going to be natsu fusing the two seeds together and woila. But mashima is also the kind of person who you think leaves plot holes but actually keeps you waiting for 50 or more chapters before blowing your minds which is why I still believe In him

          • The Fabulous Wombat

            I dunno…the only thing that really pleasantly surprised me in recent chapters was the Fairy Law explanation…he finally gave us the reason why it wasn’t used. Other than that, this whole deal with Eileen is just one Deus ex Machina after another (she really had no build up before this arc at all), and her Enchantment is possibly the broadest skillset ever, she can basically do ANYTHING with her magic and Hiro can fit it under “Enchantment”, which is why we had so much randomness.

          • Nakki

            Your enchantment point is true. But to me. Hiro connecting ferids runes blocking natsu and gajeel to natsu recognising Wendy when they first met to zeref crying when meeting natsu for the first time to the tartaros arc mystery is one of the reasons I still have faith in him

          • jacob levenson

            I’m waiting (hoping ) for the twist that everything is a act and the whole war was a elborate plan by Zeref to save from everyone from ANkerseram control. (FH I hope turns out to be a measure which was implanted into mavis which would make lt so Ankerseram can control ft to kill each other and the spriggans, but the 12 actually having most of their memories and abilities sealed,)

    • You REALLY compare this lvl of writing to the masterpiece that is Nanatsu ? I m off to another comment, sorry. Full respect ofc, just cannot comprehend.

      • Nakki

        You know. I am a fan of nanatsu no taizai but since you asked for It. Let me bash nanatsu no taizai in the same way you people bash fairy tail \n1. Wow. The writer just makes plot conveniences to show us that melodias is the strongest of them all\n2. Forced relationships everywhere \n3. The writer just gives us different stupid plot additions to convince us that melodias x Elizabeth is not paedophilic \n4. Of course make merlin have the power to cast infinite spells with just 3000 as power level. I mean she can even stop Time but then again melodias is the strongest \n5. Melodias resurrects every time he dies. Plot convienience\n6. Escanor has the power to grow with the sun. Oh yeah. I mean it’s not like he can just think of merlin every time and continue to grow stronger even without the sun\n7. Escanor beat melodias brother by throwing a sun at him. I mean it’s not like melodias brother has the power of full counter \nEvery manga has its flaws

        • U people? Whatever. My name is not U people, just so you know. And just so you know, fk off since I do not bash FT. I simply speak my mind.

        • Blocked btw

        • darewin

          4. Do you even understand Merlin’s infinity ability? She only expends magic power when invoking the ability. She does not use any magic power to sustain the magic. Also, there was a timeskip between Meliodas death and revival, so why are you assuming Merlin’s power level is still 3000?\n\n5. Yes, Meliodas resurrection may be convenient but it has dire consequences unlike all those fake deaths in Fairy Tail. Did you not read the chapter where Meliodas was shaking because he was so frightened that he lost too much during his recent resurrection like his compassion and mercy?\n\n6. It was pretty obnvious Escanor was only able to grow stronger while thinking of Merlin because Gowther’s ability amplified his thoughts. And even then, he was only able to maintain it for about a minute.\n\n7. Your argument makes no sense. Meliodas’ brother’s counter ability only works on physical attacks (it is the complete opposite of Meliodas’ full counter that works only on magic and energy-based attacks). So why the hell would Meliodas’ brother be able to counter a giant ball of energy like Escanor’s sun?

          • Nakki

            See. Most of the things I said were like I just wanted to hate it for no reason. I’m sorry. Most of what I wrote I thought up at that moment. I love nanatsu no taizai and I know it’s better than fairy tail. The manga is just pissing me off with the side stories

        • Porthya

          I cannot tell whether you’re forcing the bashing or actually believe the points, which can be countered with reasonable/believable information or have no realistic basis at all.

      • Brendan

        LOL Nanatsu is no masterpiece, let me assure you. It’s the same level of writing as Fairy Tail tbh, maybe slightly better.

        • Opinion vs opinion, I dont need your assurance. Keep your fighting spirit away from me, waste of time. I just hope its not another account by the same idiot lol~ ( pls no offense, this is Internets) just keep away, I am not a plaything for ppl wagin wars over opinions for their own amusement. I am here to talk, not to argue whether one opinion is a fact or not. Neither is.

        • I am sorry for my harsh response, I had just woken up, and my dreams are always more idiotic than LSD trips, so I was confused XD \n\nYep, you are probably a totally separate individual, so sorry for being a dick for no reason.\n\nand you are politely reminding me not to talk shit to people because what I read is probably equally bullshitty, acting like a good daddy :3 not that I ever needed such a reminder. I am well aware that nothing is perfect. Still, opinion vs opinion, I won’t argue. \n\nTo continue tho: thx, albeit I simply disagree on the matter of that similarity you mentioned. I see no similar flaws in writing there, although there are things that angry (*I had argue there, wtf) me to no end, things I won’t bring here as not to give the opportunistic FT fans the chance to charge at me with their love banners in the air. I am not the kinda person who enjoys such bullshit. \n\n<3 I enjoy both manga series, I am never a hater. Take care, whoever it is that is reading this.

    • Mayochiki

      No, shut up. That’s a retarded excuse and you know it.

      • Nakki

        Uhm. I think your intelligence quotient is enough for you to just scroll. I mean it’s just a comment. But then again. Retarded people are everywhere

        • Mayochiki

          I agree, there are people autistic enough that unironically think that Mashima writes non-sense shit because he’s having fun and that’s ok. That kind of retarded people who expects us to take anything just because it’s supposed to be fun and that means that stories don’t have to make sense or have any kind of logic (even in its own fantasy world) if they’re being written for fun.\n\nIt’s not like FT has a shitload of fans and Mashima is just treating them like idiots, right? Fucking asswipe.

          • Nakki

            Yeah. You get my point. There are also the retarded people who see a independent post and just can’t help but to display their foolishness by replying

          • Mayochiki

            Shut the fuck up and talk like a normal person. You don’t look smarter by puking a thesaurus, you just look retarded.

          • Nakki

            Did you get a prize for all the time you’ve just wasted. Now fuck off quietly

    • Porthya

      So real life doesn’t have child prodigies, with an IQ, innate talent and learning speed high enough to surpass established scholars/artists who may or may not have created/invented something but never fully perfected it because it’s a knowledge field versatile enough to constantly change and develop?!? \nHmm, I always wondered why we never overcame the Middle Ages and why I’m still supposed to wait for weeks till the carrier pigeons reach you with this message.

  • The Fabulous Wombat

    So let me get this straight….Wendy is literally schooling Eillen the “High Enchantress” in her own field….and last week too, she effortlesly lolnoped one of her so called “high level” enchantment…And she just knows all these things…Hah.

    • I guess someone much older than both of them has taught her… *pointing a a dragon* nah, kidding. Pure genius of a young girl is not enough for an explanation, or is it?

      • The Fabulous Wombat

        I already used that excuse last week for Wendy pulling out a Deus Zero. This week…i’ve got nothing.

        • Me too tbh. I just try not to be biased

        • Boob jokes. This chapter was boob jokes.

    • Black Wolf

      Why are almost all the spriggans either complete jokes or idiots? Disappointing villains are one of the top three flaws in this arc.

  • Mayochiki

    Hey, remember when some of you thought that Irene was going to be a strong and memorable enemy? It’s like you don’t learn what manga you’re reading. Imagine if she wasn’t Erza’s mom, she’d be the most forgettable character ever, she’s getting her ass kicked and she’s supposed to be like the strongest character so far.

    • The Fabulous Wombat

      She’s still very impressive….for Spriggan standards, that is. It’s not hard to look powerful when you’re surrounded with clowns like Jacob and….Neinheart….ugh.

      • jacob levenson

        hey Neinhart came closer to killing Jellal then anyone else before hand other then Natsu.

      • Mayochiki

        Yeah, but only because Mashima is forcing to be impressive. She’s overdesigned compared to the rest and has a backstory. Take that away and she’s just as disapppointing as Neinhart or the guy who fought Gajeel.

  • Mikoto

    i hate to say this… but whhyyy!!!! Whyy irene!! Why you aree sooo weeaakkk!!!!!!!!!!! When i’m about to love her because her powerful character, a super magic inventor (one universe/Dragon slayer magic), her unfair past, all of them… just disappearing now….

  • Gabriel

    Im huge fan of fairy tail! But sometimes I dont know if Hiro is trying to stop us from reading this. This Alvarez empire arc is kind of disapointing. Dont get wrong it “could” be a good one but time after time it feels wrong? Character development in terms of growing as a person and wizard/fighter is almost none. Examples: Mirajane, Cana, Gildarts, Juvia, Lucy Heartfilia. These characters have so much potential, and you learn to love them but then they dont get development or are simply OFFSCREEN being wasted. All of them should be helping in this fight against Eileen of the Spriggan 12, a High Enchanter & Dragon with unbelievable magic power & experience, same level as August plus fought Acnologia. How many spriggans Erza faced? This is pure nonsense. I love Erza as a character, but we all get tired at some point. This is the Alvarez empire arc, not “Erza/Natsu vs the 12 arc” 🙂

  • Sugiura Hoaki


  • I still laugh at the chapter cover, I think it’s great. The evil expressions Irene was able to make while in Wendy’s body I liked a lot, Wendy has great villain potential, of course that will never happen but \nif WWE was a thing over there she could make a great heel.\n\nYeah I think Irene is done for. Erza should be unable to stand by now but will win because she’s Erza.\n\nI thought Wendy’s body lost an arm for a minute there, only being badly hurt is a good thing I suppose, it can be healed later.\n\nSo I guess Wendy will no longer care about the size of her boobs after this.\n\nReminds me a little bit of that episode where the FT member switched bodies, Gray was in Lucy’s body and the 1st thing he mentioned his back was sore due to excessive weight.

  • Om nerabdator

    so she went into a weaker body and got her ass handed to her….she should of waited til after she won the fight

  • Naza Lover

    Well I thought things would be different, but Wendy was able to use Eileen specialty much better than her and pushed Eileen out of her(Wendy) body and put the former Queen on her own.\nAfter all the hype for Eileen a little girl was able to beat her in a enchantment battle some Eileen had mastered over the centuries using said magic.\n\nHonestly don’t know what to expect, If Eileen who was a warrior, the creator of Dragon Slayer magic and a dragon herself is losing to them two young girls compared to her.\nAugust will be a walk in the park for whoever end up fighting him after his latest encounter.\nI mean all Spriggans defeat theirs first opponents and are seems as if they are unstoppable monsters, but lose to the second or third, the only one who really had a excuse in losing is God Serena because he got the bad luck of becoming Acnologia (possibly the most OP character in FT) target thus he is now dead.\n\nSeriously the first thing Eileen and Wendy do after entering the other’s body is to feel up their breasts!\nI do have to admit even if it wasn’t her, Wendy would make a awesome villain with those ruthless and evil expressions.\n\nMy only hope for Eileen now is that she either use her Dragon Slayer magic or her hated Dragon form.\n\nOnly thing left to do is to wait for the next chapter.\n\n

  • Kyra Taylor


  • degeeee

    soo… 3 weeks of waiting and.. ah nevermind.. should’ve known mashima would troll us. if mashima doesn’t throw a curveball next week and let eileen beats the non-enchanted erza, i’m done with FT