Fairy Tail Chapter 514



  • sam swell

    That was a very very good chapter 8.5/10

  • Subhan Shahid

    Its lit its fudging lit XD XD XD \n10/10

  • Oh just when it was getting to the best bit of Irene starting to transform and talking about being pregnant with Erza the chapter ends.\n\nVery happy we finally learned about why the motion sickness happens to a dragon slayer.\n\nFairy Tail is on break next week. I’m not sure if I can last 2 weeks, I want to know the rest of the story now, it’s so exciting.

  • Naza Lover

    Hands down the best chapter of this arc.(in my opinion)\nEileen was a good person and had others well being in her mind despite how things where about to turn out and Acnologia was proved wrong since Eileen knew Enchanment magic way before she meet Zeref, it wasn’t him who taught her like the Dragon King said.\n\nNow that explaind why the Dragon Slayers from the past where so powerful, they didn’t slowly learn Dragon Slayer magic, but that pure and raw power was practically injected into their bodies.\nIt also show that Dragon Force is not the ultimate state a Dragon Slayer can obtain, Draconification is the last stage of a real Dragon Slayer.\nThat means that after these drawbacks, Dragons may have modified Dragon Slayer magic which was the one teached to Natsu and the others, also is probably the reason why their version is weaker even if the wizard using it is a powerful one.\n\nI could be wrong and mixing stuff, but by this chapter logic and explanation Second-Generations Dragon Slayers are the real ones( instead of the so called fake one) since they got the magic directly implanted on then just like the ones in the past, but is possible that the lacrimas may have prevented the Draconification to happen since the raw magic wasn’t injected into their bodies.\n\nCan’t belive that just after Eileen is transforming and saying that she was pregnant of Erza the chapter ends.\nThen is Erza a Dragon Slayer as well as part Dragon? As she was growing while the Dragon Magic was transforming her mother.\nReally look forward to see what kind of Dragon Eileen is and how Acnologia didn’t know she was one.

  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    What if Irene prevented herself from becoming a dragon by doing something to Erza (and in which we enter the future plot twist) in which she thought it would grant her (Erza) an amazing power to be protected and those stuffs but then Erza nearly died or something and that made her fall to the darkness? Or maybe, Irene did became a dragon but in order to be able to transform into a human again (and take care of her child), she killed Belserion and the magical plot twist of coming to the future 400 years later happened and when she came back to Rosemary village she found out (or thought) that her daughter died and maybe that made her join the force of darkness (mwuahaha) because she has no one left anymore, her murder of Belserion was too heavy for her so she just fell to it and changed. Whatcha’ think? \n\nEdit: She looks so kind and sweet, let me murder the one who caused her so much pain. (If that’s herself, then let me strangle myself)

  • kenji

    This chapter proves that mashima can really give good story the only problems are the fights \n\nCan’t wait for the anime to come back though \n\nBTW fairy tail ova 8 is out on youtube if your interested

    • Omari Bailey

      how did acnologia not notice the eileen was a DS though

      • TentaiNoHikari

        Maybe because she did something to herself to prevent turning into a dragon. And right now she is not a DS. We will know more in the future chapters probably.

  • Lyel Berserk

    Well … For those who do not know or remember, Erza and Natsu were supposedly the protagonists of FT in Mashima’s conception, but he switched to Lucy in contrast to Natsu’s personality. Having that kind of standout for her is not so unusual being that he has stated so many times that he likes her.\n\nI always liked flashbacks in manga, many of them are cool to see, Eileen invented the magic Dragon Slayer and at the time she started to suffer from the side effects of magic she was pregnant with Erza, but has not yet been revealed who is the father of Erza, because either it is irrelevant to the story or what I could understand and it was ambiguous is that the Dragon Seed is actually Erza herself growing inside Eileen’s womb and may be also the magic core of the dragon slayers that convert them In both cases the dragon seed can grow within the dragon slayers and in the case of the women cause them to give birth to children with more draconian traits or affinity with them. Because of this, Eileen saw that by inserting the dragon seed into adult humans, the side effects were more prominent, but in babies born to dragon slayers the chances of being transformed were much smaller, so some children were selected: Sting , Gajeel, Wendy, etc. In the case of Natsu as he was an artificial child, Eileen only had to insert the Dragon Seed helping Igneel and this might make even more sense in Natsu’s case because in MOVIE 2 that will leave Natsu is turning into a dragon, so his case Must be special in relation to others.\n\nWhat I imagine must have happened is that Eileen to try to prevent Erza from being contaminated by the Dragon Seed must have asked Belserion to take her out of her womb with magic and so she has that scar, maybe Eileen herself removed the Erza, because the scar is ugly and seems to have been rushed, or she was about to become a dragon and losing her sanity, Belserion may have sacrificed himself to bring Eileen’s humanity back and saved Erza in the process to prevent the baby to become a dragon slayer or a big dragon as her mother had become. I believe that Erza must have been preserved in some sort of magic as Mavis had been preserved for so many years and that spell gradually weakened until it was released and she found herself lost in Ishgar, stopping at Rosemary.\n\nI do not believe that Erza is the daughter of Acnologia because Eileen and him treated each other as if they did not know each other, and unless the dragonization affects memories and did not affect Eileen’s thanks to Belserion and she fights against Acnologia as if she did not know him out of sheer cynicism. I don’t see logic until the moment that can explain to them being husband and wife except for the fact that the Dragon Seed inside Eileen has to be Erza and for that reason she calls herself Eileen Belserion for considering the dragon of wisdom father of the child making Erza the first Dragon Seed to gain life by an unconventional method of conception because from what I have been able to understand so far is that only Dragon Slayers who have turned into dragons like Acnologia possess the ability to take on human form and not the contrary where dragons have such ability naturally.\n\nThat’s why EIleen says that she is Erza and Erza is her, because the Dragon Seed came to life through the magical power of Belserion in her womb and gave birth to a child made of dragon slayer magic and what would explain Erza to have passed through Freed’s barrier is that from the very beginning Erza is made of Ancient Magic, so magic laws do not apply to it the way it applies to other people. Just as it was the case of the Great Magic Games where she was the only one unaffected by the magic of Ultear when she tried to release the Second Origin.

    • so maybe Ackonlogia is in fact an ‘anti-Erza’ — a boy of similar origin but born from a dragon and a human SLAVE from the other side of this conflict… XD who knows

  • ah, now I see… so Acknologia is just SOUR / SALTY and started believing, after he or MORE LIKELY someone he loved ceased to be human, that this was all a PLOT by dragons to eradicate and assimilate humanity.. and he went out HUNTING and killing dragons. Then, he probably got so dark ‘inside’ and so drunk with power, that he went mad. or something.