Fairy Tail Chapter 511



TL- Linali & Ahmad

TS: Zacky-san

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  • Jessica

    go larcade

  • Galen Vaughn

    Lmao thought it was the next chapter lol

  • Naza Lover

    Well, even if Sting is inmune to Light or White magic, Larcade is way too powerful for him to defeat.\nI mean the guy is Zeref and Mavis son, is among the Top 3 Spriggans,( he took Kagura attacks like nothing and she is stronger than Sting) and is considered a secret weapon against, who even August the Magic King fears he along with Eileen admit that they cannot defeat the Black Dragon withouth the unlimited power of Fairy Heart.\nSting had no possible chance in defeating Larcade even as the White-Shadow Dragon he can’t defeat the White Dragneel.\n\n

  • Andres minoguetti

    well, larcade stin cant defeat him. thats all go larcade