Fairy Tail Chapter 511 Spoilers


Some news: Hiro Mashima will be drawing an after-story to the lewd Christmas Omake which will be included in the OAD for Volume 59



Sting is asking why Larcade smells like Natsu
Larcade is also a Dragneel and more accurately, Natsu is Zeref’s little brother, and that Larcade is Zeref’s son
Sting says it doesn’t make sense. If that were the case Larcade should smell like Zeref, but he smells like Natsu, even siblings and parents and children have different smells, so it’s weird that he smells just like Natsu.
Larcade says, that’s because Natsu is Zeref’s son too.
Then Larcade uses some starvation magic on sting

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Sting knocks everyone out to keep them from eating each other. Larcade says, what about your hunger, and sting’s says, “I’ll eat you.”
Larcade goes on asking, “Why are you fighting so hard for Fairy Tail, that’s not even your guild.”
Sting says because Fairy Tail, and Natsu, changed his guild

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Rogue appears and tells Sting to eat his powers which knocks him out but allows Sting to fight some  more
Larcade says says humans have 3 desires, Sex, Food and Sleep, and that he’ll give eternal sleep to Sting

Chapter 512: White Shadow Dragon


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