Fairy Tail Chapter 500 Spoilers


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  • Marc Trudeau


    • Missnalty


  • jacob levenson

    Juvia being on the cover hint to me as her coming back this chapter.

    • LoveAnimation

      Juvia will probably come back later in the story but i dont think it will happen for a long time.\nI think this stuff with Juvia wil turn Gray to the dark side and turn him into the kind of person that killed Frosch in Future Rogues timeline.

      • lelanela

        some spoilers say that at the end of this chapter Juvia wakes up with Wendy by her side (I don’t trust it until I see it…)

        • LoveAnimation

          Feels like Yonko should have put up pictures of that if its true but maybe he wants to save it as a surprise or something.\nWellif it is true im not looking forward to when this chapter comes out. \nGonna be a huge amount of hate towards Fairy Tail. 🙁

          • Porthya

            I’ve gotten used to them being senseless when it comes to what FT actually is so I might just ignore them. It’s getting annoying and boring trying to explain they’ve been reading a mainly comedic shounen all this time instead of a strongly action driven seinen.

          • LoveAnimation

            I think you more mean that its not as dark and complex as some of the other shounens because when it comes to the action its supposed to be pretty much the same and the series mix serious stuff and lighthearted and funny stuff the same way as most of these shounens does.\nBut yea i wish people could accept that Fairy Tail does some things differently than other mangas and should not expect everything to be done exactly the same for a series to be great, fun, and enkoyable.\nCharacters dying is not important to me at all and i love Fairy Tail for plenty of other stuff i think is way more important and unlike most people it seems i know that the main characters never dies in all of these shounens anyway but many people sems to not realise that even if they have followed this kind of stuff for a long time.

  • Juvia was the first thing I noticed.\n\nEither way I like the picture.

  • LoveAnimation

    This is probably one of my favorite Fairy Tail color covers ever.

    • Asorx

      My too. Lucy looks so adorable <3


    lucy looks cute and adorable. :3

  • Gabriel Garcia Ruiz

    This Interesting. Is In the Same Time that the Chapter 499?

  • Sakuya

    Look to Juvia, at this moment i painful ;-;

    • Same

    • Kshitij Patle

      She survived

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    I didn’t notice Mavis at first but it’s nice to see all of these characters in a color page.

    • shodai kitetsu

      i thought you are me

      • Kazui (Secret Senju)

        You are me.

  • Liam Mahon

    This suspense is killing me Yonks

  • Bakadelie

    NALUU xD

    • Missnalty

      Inchallah Natsu fini avec Lisanna

      • Robert Orwell

        (que) Natsu finisse*, puisqu’on y utilise le subjonctif présent. “Inchallah” exprime du souhait, de l’espoir que quelque chose aboutisse à un résultat donné.

        • Missnalty

          Cimer Robert

          • Robert Orwell

            Y a pas de quoi 🙂

      • XAnimeUzzieX

        nope nalu for life! No indication that hes gon be with lisanna

  • Richa

    Spoiler\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJuvia is alive… Wendy save her

  • Brandish wyd

  • Natsu freakin’ Dragneel

    Shingeki no Brandish ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sa Lo

    Do you know how juvia survived?\n

    • Robert Orwell

      She has been healed by Wendy.

      • i’m assuming that that is on a page not including in the spoilers… i’m scared for monday…but excited at the same time…

        • LoveAnimation

          Im not looking forward to monday anymore because there is going to be a huge amount of hate towards the series.

  • lethenia

    I love how Gray is not in Devil Slaying mode, Invel wanted that from him and yet he can still kick his ass without it.

    • Lesra Gambier

      his hair changed so its something like devil slayer i think

    • Robert Orwell

      Gray is resembling a lot his deceased father on this chapter.

  • Eileen The Meem Queen

    we are all fucked

    • Bryce412


      • when you decided to join the bandwagon and you don’t know what the fuck to do

  • faithinyou12

    op OP! I think cat’s out of the bag! I repeat! THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!

  • Kyra Taylor


    • Natsu freakin’ Dragneel

      E.N.D is coming lol

      • Kyra Taylor


  • sagnik sarkar

    someone please translate this

  • Robert Orwell

    It is not him saying that, the balloon box doesn’t come from his mouth.

  • Chi-chan

    Invel being crushed is my new wallpaper :’)

  • Hokimri

    It’s said by Invel. “Etherious Natsu Dragneel, the strongest demon of Zeref’s books, that man is your real enemy”

    • Goniartzi

      Wow shit is about to go down on chapter 500

  • Azgorath

    NOOOOOO!!!!! 1st gajeel and now juvia is back from death too??? Seriously, someone should just die permanently already. it would add some more intensity and suspense to the war 🙁

    • Brieanna The Artist

      Supposedly the person in your profile picture is going to die. That might be why Erza is by herself in the cover photo. (I like Jellal too though)

    • Dark-Inzaner Demon Sed

      I think so…mashima why?? D: now he has destroyed a good chapter..all that beautiful scenes for nothing..im so sad \n

    • FuuKaku

      That would be Natsu who died permanently

  • Brieanna The Artist

    My questions:\n\n-Can’t Juvia just turn herself into water and look for someone to heal her?\n-Will Gray actually fight Natsu?\n-Does Neinhart use Historia on Natsu or Lucy?\n(If he does, I’m wondering if he’ll show Jude or Layla, maybe both. Igneel doesn’t seem too likely)\n-Is Brandish on Fairy Tail’s side or the Spriggan 12’s side?\n-How is Invel at full power? (seems like Gray is defeating him)\n-Wasn’t Neinhart tasked with killing Erza? Why is he fighting Natsu and Lucy?\n\nSo many questions yet so little answers. Btw isn’t this set to be released September 7th?

  • David calderon

    This manga is the stupidest thing I’ve seen, because they created such great expectations with the 12 spriggan if fairy tail defeat them so easily ?. as if nothing had changed? 12 spriggan have nothing special as did believe, Mashima increases his powers by increasing them without any any sense,\n why is that one piece is the best manga that is issuing no point of comparison.

    • Dark-Inzaner Demon Sed

      I agree mashima destroyed a great manga with fairy always victorius without any death, so many good scenes for nothing…i hate this because has no logic and crush the atmosphere…hope juvia is dead until the end…but i fear not sigh

    • Brieanna The Artist

      I agree about the fact that he should make the Spriggan 12 a lot more powerful and harder to defeat, but your grammar made it kind of difficult to understand what you’re getting at.

      • David calderon

        My English is not my native language, I’m learning. 🙂

  • Nia Velez

    OMGG <3<3 thanks for the spoiler now i need to know the reaction of Gray *^*

  • Fish Cake

    omg..the power of love so hax…dont mess with power of love…

  • Itzameapotterhead

    they’re underwater in the cover… water means Juvia

  • Neji approves

    I don’t think I wanna watch the anime anymore. The manga is keeping me fed.

    • Drahjin

      Same, but waiting another week rips my soul apart. I’m dead inside. I’m craving for moooorreeee

      • Neji approves


  • Neji approves


  • Virtuallytoast

    I feel like there is going to be so much hate on the next chapter bc so many people wanted juvia dead and wanted more “dark” events but honestly I would love to see juvia come back I also would like more “dark” events but just not envolving my bwabyT^T it’s also mashima’s story instead of hating why dont you just enjoy it.

  • Makoto Tachibana

    Juvia still dead? ♡

  • Yassin Elberkani

    it seems acnologia did not appear yet

  • FuuKaku

    The cover shows me some clue. I saw 3 couple in there. And all of them has a dramatic scene before the death…. But being revived in 2 chapter… First, Gajevi and one of them is supposed to be death but revived, next is Gruvia… And juvia revived too… Then in the front line is NALU!!!!!!!!!! im waiting for dramatic scene before death from NALU and i think this time could be the first time for the sage of fairy tail to got a permanent death!!! And that’s the main character NATSU!!!

    • FuuKaku

      But then i saw a scene from HAPPY and he said ” there must be a way” i think happy will sacrifice himself for natsu revival! And the one who died is HAPPY

  • Lea Solomou

    Whats gonna happen to Juvia?

    • FuuKaku

      wendy heal her

  • ❤Mycriella-chan❤

    I’m really excited for the Chapter 500, I don’t know if this is complete chapter. But I have the feeling that this is not complete chapter.\n\nSO HYPE IS REAL