Fairy Tail 498 Summary


The chapter begins with a confrontation between Gray and Invel. Gray tries to use some magic to attack Invel but it shatters. Invel takes the time to explain his abilities. He is a pure Ice Mage. He doesn’t create things from ice, but freeze things with it. To counter Invels abilities, Gray uses his demon magic,whilst Invel is surprised that he’s using it because it eats away at your heart if a human uses it.

They continue clashing and the landscape is pretty much a blizzard. Invel tries to seduce Gray by telling him he has the qualities to be their comrade. His heart is dyed in darkness even though he probably doesn’t realise it and that darkness is the source of his black magic.  The darkness isn’t inherently good or evil, it’s just a quality someone either possesses or not.

Gray retorts that if it’s to protect the guild he’ll become evil regardless of the cost. He was never a man of justice to begin with. Natsu and company agree and then Brandish appears in her giant form taking Natsu, Lucy and Happy away, telling them to just shut up.

Invel then proceeds to chains up Gray and Juvia, using a technique called Ice Lock. It is a magic which shuts off a person’s heart and makes them his puppet. He is making them kill each other, whether they want to or not. The chains won’t be undone until either Gray or Juvia is dead.

Invel says he calculates that Gray will be the victor and the moment he kills an ally, his darkness will awaken. Furthermore, the one with the role of killing E.N.D according to him isn’t Zeref, it belongs to Gray.

Chapter 498, END.

Chapter 499: Gray and Juvia.

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