Dragon Ball Super to Enter New Story Arc Starting December 18th.


V-Jump is announcing in the January 2017 issue of the magazine that the Dragon Ball Super Anime will be entering a new arc.

The next arc of the story will focus on an assassin from who comes to Universe 7 to kill Goku. The magazine also debuts a new key visual for the story arc.


Below is the translated synopsis from V-Jump

“Goku is in danger!? The strongest assassin comes to the 7th universe to kill Goku!! The assassin is ordered by an unknown individual.”

The issue also reveals the upcoming schedule prior to the the start of the new story arc.

November 27: “Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?!”
December 4: “Goku vs Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to their Battle?”
December 11: “Challenge from Champa! Let’s fight in baseball!”
December 18: “Goku dies! Assassination order that must be performed.”

  • Galen Vaughn

    Looks like Hits twin brother lmao

    • Omkar Patole

      it is hit.

  • Geekdom brought me here. So anyway, I think this Hit killing Goku is probably going to be a “mini arc” just like the Potafeu arc, as you can see we have a couple of filler episodes before that comes forth\n\nStill, it’s gonna be a pleasure seeing Hit again, I just hope he doesn’t end up being killed off. I wanna see him on the multiversal tournament, and possibly being defeated by someone else there

    • Doobles

      Well there are a few factors to indicate this might not be a mini-arc.\n \nFor starters we have no idea who Hits client is and how he’s aware of Goku, and I doubt it’d be Champa because he’s showing up in the episode beforehand and he’d be angry at Monaka.\n\nHit might actually kill Goku and its up to the rest of the gang to find out why.\n\nWe could get a really long fight like the good ol’ days of Z.

      • I was actually comparing it to the Poteafeu arc because, we had a couple of filler episodes before that one started off too. And it was like what, 3-4 episodes long?\n\nOf course we need more information before we can determine if it’s a mini arc, or a main arc.\n\nI wonder if there’s going to be hints of things that may be important in the multiversal tournament, kinda like how we saw that glimpse of the Time Machine’s fuel in that one episode where Monaka helped Bulma out with that

        • White Knight of the IWC

          It’s not gonna be a mini arc, seeing how Akira Toriyama wrote this new assassination arc. It’s gonna be the same length possibly as the Universe 6 vs universe 7th arc or the Future Trunks saga.

      • Loki

        “Might actually” lol this is the Goku and Vegeta show. Unless Future trunks suddenly comes back to their timeline, he ain’t getting killed or becoming irrelevant in an arc.

  • Rodel Vivero

    maybe this hit’s client must be from the villain a long time ago..and i dont know who it is..and this filler episodes are interesting…

    • Omkar Patole

      not a filler

    • Randall

      I Doubt it; How would a Universe 7 Villain be able to get in contact with a UNIVERSE 6 ASSASSIN?!?!?!

  • hellman

    Unknown person would be some sort of God.Remember this series is about Gods

    • Demigon

      but hitt is the assassin from the tournament from that universe?

      • hellman

        I was talking about the man/woman who ordered hit to kill goku

        • Randall

          OBVIOUSLY Champa; there’s NO ONE Else in Universe 6 who would hate Kakarot enough to send over an Alien Assassin into Kakarot’s Home Universe of Universe 7, or that would have the Ability to do so.

          • Danny Torres

            The tournament was seen by all the gods when it happened. Everyone knows who Goku and Hit are. We might have a new character comming who sent Hit. But I do agree with Champa being it I’m just saying my theory could be a possibility.

  • rave origin

    glimpse of gohan comeback\ni mean they need more firepower if they would participate in zeno’s competition

  • Dragon

    Man i was sooooo hype wen i saw arale, i love dr. slump dragonball crossovers, but it looks like filler smh

  • Yedim

    Another villian obsessed with Goku

    • Randall

      The Only One I can think of who would be angry enough to send Hit into a Different Universe, and the only one with the Ability to send him over is Champa himself(He Could get Vados to Do it for him, since he’s SO Lazy)!!

      • Danny Torres

        Since Vados is an angel like Whis they stay neutral they don’t fight even as a command. So Vados can’t be involved in this

      • Legendary Hitman

        I’m going to rage if it’s just champa who hire Hit

  • DaTrillest205

    Yes i wanted a goku vs hit part 2

  • Ritesh Gupta

    Plz be more Science friction not only just power but also science with power like marvel and DC\nM a big fan of DBZ series

  • Ritesh Gupta

    I want dragon ball new series with not only just so much over power…. It should be like So much science friction over power like marvel and DC….. \nThe New Story Line Should be more Like “Science Frictions Power” \nThat would be more Awesome \nAnd story lineup should also related with Science friction

  • Just Apple

    I’m putting my money on Champa is paying Hit to kill Goku so when the Omniverse tournament roles around, they’ll have a better chance at winning. Because we all know Champa is like that.

    • hellman

      That is a possibility.

    • Alickz Rider

      why doesn’t champa just come and do it himself

      • Better off alone remix

        Because if the Omni-King finds out, he’s in big trouble. It would be a violation of the rules(unfair and all) AND he’s his friend.

      • Just Apple

        He’s too lazy. Why the hell would Champa do anything himself when he can just threaten to destroy someone if they don’t do what he says?

      • AsurasPath22

        Exactly, finally someone thinking.

        • fugly duck

          because beerus and whis will be like what the heck your not suppose to be in this are universe killing or destroying \n\nand also whis is training goku

    • NewYork211

      I don’t think it’ll be him bc Beerus gave his universe an earth so they must be like frenemies or somethin

      • Just Apple

        Another theory: Universe 7’s hit is hired to kill Goku :O. But by who?

        • Big ceez

          Then why would he “go” to universe 7 if he’s from universe 7

          • Just Apple

            Now I’m confused. The shadow in the background of the image is Hit. But, we know that someone who bares an almost twin-like resemblance and I’m guessing his skill set of Hit is “going” to universe 7 to kill Goku. We know Hit and Goku are on good terms but someone has hired Hit or someone almost exactly identical to him to kill Goku. But who in universe 6 or any other universe would want Goku dead?

          • Big ceez

            Im just saying it is hit because hes going to universe 7 to kill goku and not a universe 7 doppelganger cause he wont go there if hes from there

          • Legendary Hitman

            That probably champa or new unknown villain powerful than hit, maybe hit or other god of destruct. I hope it not, what I want is most unknown powerful than hit, if hit refuse request then hit would end up being dead

          • Just Apple

            Hit is supposed to be the deadliest assassin and most powerful fighter/killer in universe 6 correct? What if someone “cloned”/created another Hit and that is who is going after Goku. If so, then that means universe 6 is going to be getting involved in the next arc as well. And if that is the case then I’ll be looking forward to this arc.

          • Legendary Hitman

            Oh yeah, me too

          • Joshua Wilkins

            Probably Frost.

          • Just Apple

            Hit killed Frost… At least, it was heavily implied that he did.

  • Atishay Kasliwal

    Gohan must be in the lead \nIn DBS he doesn’t have done much.

  • Randall

    It’s GOT to Be Champa who ordered Hit to Kill Kakarot; Because:\nA. Champa’s Angry about Hit Losing to Kakarot, because ONCE AGAIN, Beerus wins against him\nB. Only Champa would have the Fury to seek revenge against Kakarot from Universe 6, But also Be Too Lazy to do it himself(He’s an Obese Hakaioshin who is a Sluggard)

    • MegaRyuki

      HAKAIshin, kaio shin are different gods

    • Big ceez

      He lost vs hit

      • Randall

        and then Hit Forfeited as well.

        • Big ceez

          After his next opponent not goku

    • Legendary Hitman

      Yeah I’m very disappointed in lazy god of destruction, I believe he will die in arc. Champa is just childish, Don’t worry Kakarot can brought to life by using dragon ball. Goku already give up on vs hit, because his kaioken can’t hang for long. If he want revenge wasn’t he suppose hire hit kill monaka. Fact that monaka is weak, but if champa thought monaka was strong, then why didn’t he told hit to kill monaka instead of goku

  • AsurasPath22

    I doubt it would be Champs, he really doesn’t have a reason to go for Goku. He has his own Planet Earth as well. Hopefully it doesn’t have a ton of Asspulls.

    • Chris

      Champ’s earth is a baren wasteland that’s the whole reason for the tournament champa wanted to have universe 6 earth bc of the food

      • Alickz Rider

        But Beerus wished for Champs to have an Earth so they’re good now

    • Legendary Hitman

      I believe there will new powerful villain stronger than hit hired.\n\nIf hit refuse, then hit will die. That why hit are scared.

  • WentHulk

    Goku dying again?………………….

  • GreenFlareN64

    I believe that Hit was sent to kill Goku Black, but instead he confuses Goku Black for Goku. Hit would be going after the wrong person, thus leading to Goku telling him that he’s the real deal and Goku Black is dead.\n\nAs for the identity of Hit’s client, this person could be one of the top 5 fighters of all universes that we don’t know about yet. It would make more sense for the “unknown individual” to be a brand new character.

    • ThatGuy.

      This is actually an awesome theory. To add, Hit may believe that Goku and Goku Black were the same entities so there’d be no convincing him. It’s not like he’s seen the Rose form before so he only knows that there’s a guy that looks and sounds like Goku that needs to be killed.

      • GreenFlareN64

        Indeed. You pretty much hit the nail on the head there (no pun intended). \nIn regards to the top 5 fighters, we already know that the Daishinkan is one of them. Since there’s a Daishinkan, it would make sense to have multiple Shinkans as well. Shinkan of North, Shinkan of South, Shinkan of West, and Shinkan of East. They all form the top 5 fighters of the multiverse, standing above the Gods of Destructions’ attendants and below the Omni King.

    • talha islam

      this theory is actually really cool, but I don’t think its right because who in the universe would actually send hit all the way to kill black goku who isn’t even in the same universe as the normal goku. if someone had to send hit, it would be someone with motive, eg champa. if the client was another strong fighter, don’t think they would send another fighter(hit) to kill another fighter(goku).

      • GreenFlareN64

        Champa ordering the hit on Goku wouldn’t make any sense to me, because it was Vegeta who humiliated most of his fighters in the first place. Goku only defeated Botamo, and ended up losing to Hit. \nAlso, Beerus would get pissed off if he found out that his brother ordered a hit on Goku, after humbly wishing a new Earth to be created in Universe 6 to satisfy Champa’s needs of hunger. \nPlus, we all know that Hit’s client is an “unknown individual”. So, it would make more logical sense for Hit’s client to be a mysterious character that we know nothing about (you seem to forget that there’s MULTIPLE universes that have yet to be explored in DBS, which indicates endless possibilities for this brand new arc), opposed to someone we do know.

  • GigaGaia

    Goku won’t die, he is still alive in the epilogue of Dragonball Z which happens after all this and he can’t be brought back to life with the dragonballs.\n\nThe thing is, the fact that this happens between the defeat of Majin Buu and the epilogue of DBZ means we already know no one is gonna die and how it will turn out.

    • ThatGuy.

      He can always be wished back if he is killed in this arc but I think it’s unlikely too. But on the off chance that he is, it’s a chance for other characters to step up for once.

  • Jeff Holley

    I think the Goku vs Arale will be the real explanation for Earths destruction in universe 6, in that timeline kid Goku and Arale will duke it out and essentially wipe out all life on the planet leaving it barren! 😀 Also it doesn’t say the assassin is from universe 7… Read it better next time.

  • Naza Lover

    Wonder who want Goku dead this time now, maybe the real target is Goku Black but since he and Goku look alike.\nBut if is true and Hit the Assassing he knows Goku is honorable and not a killer and if that is the case too bad that Goku Black is dead and can’t fight Hit.\n\nI thinking that maybe one of the God of Destructions send him because they see Goku as a threat.\nChampa have no reason to do it but since they are so petty it could he a possibility.\n\nEither way it seems will be a interesting arc and the probability of Goku dying is very serious since Hit have never fail before, had to wait for the new arc then.\nAlso if Goku is killed we may get to see a very angry and sad Zen-chan because his one friend is dead.

    • Techorn

      Black Goku doesn’t exist in that timeline. So it can’t be that.

      • Naza Lover

        Maybe they heard something about Zamasu and blame Goku for his death.\n

    • Legendary Hitman

      Yeah, we might see Zen-chan’s rage and kill Hit and universe 6. Even if he hear that. I feel like champa is jealous and greedy of winning omni king tournament

      • Naza Lover

        It would be interesting to know if he still care for Goku now that he had his friend, since sometimes the Godly beings are kind of petty.\n\nYeah, but that would be a coward way even for Champa to use, I hope that Gohan train hard and is able to compete in the tournament.\nFuture Trunks got his spotlight again, now Gohan need to be on the spotlight again.

        • Legendary Hitman


          • Naza Lover

            We had to wait and see what happens.

  • Rick Lee

    toriyama characters crossover huh? if only togashi did that with hunter x hunter and yu yu hakusho

  • Thanasis Tsitsiroudis

    Years of useless fight.. Just why they alla learn how to do mafuba attack? It worked with zamasu… Wont work with Hit? Come one now..

    • talha islam

      wouldnt leave room for much story or battle if all they did was use the mafuba

  • Varunav Chaudhary

    Is arale this much powerful…. Can she really fight like that ….so y they are saying earth comes to an end ….. But dragon ball series main hero goku so if goku doesn’t remains on the dragon ball ….. The show will come to an end

  • Legendary Hitman

    Most likely who hire Hit is Vados or Champa\n\nChampa alway childish and wishing for winning when they at Super Dragon Ball Tournament. Champa is shit lazy, time for goku or whatever someone kick champa ass or unknown character ass. Hit is my favorite character in DBS. 2nd is Goku, I will cry even if goku going to die. Champa is fatass jackass as shit as ever. I suggest Akira to make Champa’s death. Hit and Cabba will not become villain, he will allies with goku. Hit is fear of death which champa will destroy who do not follow his order. However Beerus will very mad at Champa, Champa is very jealous and didn’t want lose Omni King Tournament. Goku will be revive by using Dragon Ball or Super Dragon Ball or whatever omni king revive. Time for getting serious, I bet this will be long arc. Vegeta might be next major main character.

  • Ramon Zuniga

    Maybe Champa threatened hit to kill Goku because the title is “Challenge from Champa! Let’s fight in baseball!” Why would champa just randomly challenge universe 7 to a baseball game? This is just my guess on who ordered hit to kill Goku.

  • Darquan Thompkins

    Thh there’s gonna be the appearance of another God of destruction who’s not so friendly to the z fighters or beerus ordered the assassination of of goku (note the huge grin at the end of the episode)

  • hasan

    nope Goku hired him himself