Dragon Ball Super Chapter 18

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    Thanks Yonkou!\n\nAnd wow. This is very different from the anime.

    • Caio_RB

      Not too much. It’s probably the chapter with has the more things that happened in the anime

  • Naza Lover

    This chapter is relative the same as the anime, but a little more funny.\nOnly that in the manga Kibito was the first suspect because a little mistake on Shin part, also that they deduced Goku Black identity rather quickly because they got more information from Kibito about Zamasu recent actions.\nWith Beerus and Whis going to deal with Zamasu quickly, while Goku, Vegeta and Trunks went to confront Black in the future but he was in the House withouth Future Zamasu accompanying him.\n\nWonder how the Super Saiyan Rosé will look. \nAlso thanks for this early chapter.

    • ☢ Michael-sama

      Super Saiyan Rose will look like a another Super Saiyan.\n\nIt can’t be helped, when a stupid looking transformation is created, a stupid looking result is the only logical conclusion.

  • danker than you

    The good thing about this is that it moves much faster than the anime.

    • Michał Zienkiewicz

      And I expect much less bullshit in how the conclusion will be presented. Lets hope for the BDs redemption

    • Michał Zienkiewicz

      Darkness in mah heart is denser than a black whole btw, darker than me? U wish

  • Bob

    I like the whole Kibito being a suspect thing, what happened to him in the anime he just disappeared?

    • Darth Vader

      They forgot about him…

      • Michał Zienkiewicz

        Beerus got him (kidding)

    • ssjchaseutley

      He makes very brief appearances here and there.

  • Jaco

    Thanks Yonkou.

  • thechrisrox1110 .

    im excited how different this can turn out

    • Michał Zienkiewicz

      “Cut the bullshit” said Toei to the mangaka lol

  • goku fan

    this is even better then the tv show

  • ElFenixNocturno

    So Goku never kissed in the manga too.\nToriyama… i trusted you… and you failed me

    • Black_Wolf369

      Toriyama has admitted he’s not good with writing romance.

  • This manga is different timeline in anime.

    • ☢ Michael-sama

      No, its not.\n\nThose are just 2 different versions of the same timeline.