Dragon Ball Super #67 Preview


“Will he save the future! The last fight against Zamasu! Trunks is rewarded after his impassioned desire to protect humanity leads to renewed strength to fight against Zamasu! However, Zamasu is not defeated as was thought and his body gradually begins to envelop the sky and to restart once more!! ”

Goku this week: He finds a way to defeat¬†Zamasu! Zamasu, who had lost his body, faces Goku and the others in a critical situation once more. Then he thought that all was lost, Goku finds something in his pocket…

  • Naza Lover

    If Vegito appear he will beat up Zamasu, since now that Goku and Vegeta are more powerful and have God Ki, the Potara fusion will make Vegito almost unstoppable and maybe just maybe surpass Beerus power.

    • Kazui (Secret Senju)

      Vegetto is not stronger than Beerus. Not even close. And Vegetto seems to be stronger than Zamasu but not much.

    • SPzenku44

      Please stop. Vegetto is not stronger than Beerus. Whis even said that Goku and Vegeta might have a chance against Beerus if they worked together. This doesn’t confirm that Vegetto is stronger.

      • GigaGaia

        If they have a chance if they work together, it means 2 against 1. It means if they fused, Vegito would be able to win without any effort.

        • SPzenku44

          I don’t understand how you came up with that line of logic. Beerus easily outclasses Goku and Vegeta even if they fought 2 against 1 against Beerus. Hell they’re still afraid of his wrath. It simply means that if they fused they would have a better chance of fighting Beerus not beating him you Vegetto fanboy.

        • they can defeat Beerus… But what about Weiss?

  • Robin Purnama

    I doubt that he will click that Zeno-King’s button for help. But i don’t know how Immortal like Zamasu will meet his end.