Diaya no Ace Act II Chapter 49 Spoilers


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  • If my rusty and broken japanese taught me anything miyuki is saying ‘… three months’ \n(as in three more months)????\nomfg. I hope i’m wrong.

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      Yep, he means that there’s only three months left that he can do a battery with sawamura/furuya

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    It will be pretty disappointing if Miyuki keeps thinking about Furuya and Eijun as equals. Miyuki, c’mon, whose pitching makes you feel goosebumps? Who constantly saves the team? Who is put under the pressure again and again only to prove his worth, looking for ways to improve himself and which one of them only learns something new when he is jealous? Honestly, I’m disappointed. It looks like during that meeting Furuya’s bad performance was swept under a rug again if Miyuki thinks about how much time he has left instead of double standards in Seidou or how much the whole team rely on a relief pitcher to save them instead of their so-called ace. And he hid as usual instead of facing problems. Of course.

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      for me sawamura remainded me of Sanada when he was a fisrt year student?

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