Diaya no Ace Act II Chapter 48 Spoilers


Apologies for the lateness. I had other commitments that took my time.

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  • Ernesto F. Pabon

    Better late than never…Thanks for the spoilers. 🙂

  • Primo

    I’m so glad it wasn’t another shutout by Inashiro. Now Terajima is going to have Inashiro win the Spring tournament and win it all in the Kanto tournament.

  • A.O Chika

    I’m laughing at the ‘Aggressive’ handshake between Narumiya and Taiyou

  • Everlasting

    Thank you!\nHaha i love the panels of Mukai and Mei

  • sjpeters79

    Thanks again for posting these. I’ve been checking your blog daily for more updates 🙂

  • jpdunn94

    Dear god I just found this blog and I am bookmarking it IMMEDIATELY

  • velours rouge

    thank you so much for the spoilers!

  • Wamurawillbeno1

    Thank you soooooo\n\n much!!! I have been checking for spoilers since Friday!!!!

  • Mimi Migabon