Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 47 Spoilers

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    Thanks for the spoilers.\nSeems like there would be at least 2 more chapters for this game.

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    Pitchers in Eijun’s year be evolving and all… I’m so proud of these kids.\nALSO YESSSS BATTLE OF THE PRINCES FROM EAST AND WEST YESSSSSS

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    damn ihope we fast forward this tournament haha

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      Since this match between Teito and Inashiro has been fast forwarded (already in 7th inning)… My guess is that they will also skip much of the match between Ichidai and the winner of this match…

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    Are you sure this is the whole chapter? Seems shorter than the last one and it’s clear that Inashiro will win.

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      They are just spoilers!!!\n7 pages of the chapter, I think.

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