Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 46 Spoilers


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    Thank you for the early spoilers! Much appreciated!

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    ah they lost! i expected it but it’s sad. furuya doesn’t seem to be showing much remorse which is a little annoying but i’m very excited for whatever’s coming up!

    • I’m sure that Furuya isn’t showing it on the outside- or maybe reality hasn’t kicked in yet for him? \n\nBut I had small, small feeling that they were gonna lose considering they needed a miracle to score off Amahisa at that point.

    • cookiedough

      When has he ever shown remorse. He only shows jealousy and selfishness. Oh and the fake (ones in a lifetime and out of nowhere) team spirit during senbatsu. If he ever shows feelings after this match its probably directed at himself for being no where near Hongou. He will never show remorse for throwing away the efforts of his team mates. And yes I’m so over that empty character :p

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  • Thank you for the spoilers and yes please if you would continue that would be AMAZING! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Thanks for the spoilers! \nI get a feeling that this going to be a battery battle – emphasizing the need for a functional and strong battery. Which Seido doesn’t seem to have…

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    I kept forgetting that it was the last inning already (since the last chapter) and was still lowkey hopeful Seidou would turn the game around (or because I just want to see more of Eijun’s numbers). But finally this match is done! Ace kings of their generations are next on the battlefield!\nThank you for providing the spoilers! Please continue sharing them; I would love to see them coming!

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    Thanks a lot for this. Will you also post spoilers for Kingdom?

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      Am I reading too much into it, but does it seem like, he is setting up for Sawamura to lose his trust in the coach and Miyuki.

      • MouTen

        That’s what I wanna find out. I’m not interested in this match so I hope Terajima doesnt spend much time on this one. I think we already know how this match will end. Wanna go back to some Seido drama haha

        • Salva252

          Same. I’d actually really like if Sawamura did lose his trust in the coach and Miyuki, Imagine he convices Okumura to create a battery with him and they wreck Furuya and Miyuki as a battery.

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    So Seidou cannot participate on Koushien then? Why Miyuki and Kuromachi seems not care much, its their last year, right ?? Are they still have chance to go to Koushien?

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      Sigh. Did you reach this chapter without even paying attention? This is the Spring Tournament. Winning this doesnt guarantee anyone a chance to compete in Koushien.

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    • Yes it was, I don’t actually follow the series but good response from you guys so I’ll continue it 🙂

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        that’s really good news! I can see here that the spoilers got an amazing feedback. nice work, keep going ((:

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    when furuya become the ace, my love shifted to eijun! GANBARE EIJUN!!!!! i need the trans >A<\nand thank you for the raws!!!!

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    Sawamura did what he can, too bad Coach Kataoka decided to change too late. Mei gonna own the other team though. Thank you for the spoilers and will look forward to future chapters

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    love to see Eijun so angry, all the team seems like they don´t care what happend.

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    Thanks for the spoilers. \nDamn, Terajima skipped the end of the game. Where is my Sawamura’s pitching against Ichidai clean up in the full attention? On the other hand, I am glad that Ichidai won. It is about time.

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    Eijun not sitting with the team? Seido is not much of a team anyway as they are now with all the “Furuya is God therefore he can throw the game away and we shall support him because he is ACE” mentality of everyone. The priority should be winning, instead their priority is to make Furuya the fastest in the universe. I wana see if TJ sensei uses this development to build Furuya into the super saiyan that he is portrayed to be. Hoping for a better story instead of all this fan service loaded with shallowness >.<

    • Legendsrock

      It was the moment when Coach Kataoka accepted Coach Ochiai’s ideology on trusting more the team’s Ace, Furuya which cost them the game against Ichidai. Well, it was the coaches decision anyway like Miyuki said awhile ago on depending on when will they use Sawamura. Priority on winning comes first if you’re thinking about the TEAM and in the long run. There’s so much room for IMPROVEMENT and GROWTH if we’re talking about Furuya. Sawamura confirmed this last season, by giving a dead inside ball against Inashiro player, which cost them the game but this doesnt stop Sawamura to get better, he strive more and even use his outside pitches to become his weapon. Furuya should take this as an example. Too bad, revenge is on beyond their grasp already, if Inashiro get a run against Teito High.

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    This chapter, the last page to be exact, is the most beautiful moment I’ve ever seen in DnA for the past 5 years!!! \n\nFor future spoilers, please do so. I’ve come here specifically for DnA. Consider yourself get another +1 fan, YonkouProduction.

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    I wonder how they are going to fight against Mei and Amahisa in summer. I mean the pitchers improved so the batters need to improve even more so that they can score against really strong pitchers (Mei & Amahisa).