Bleach Chapter 686 Spoilers


Finally here.

Thanks to /u/first_mate_zoro.

Center color is Ichigo and his former classmates 10 years later

Byakuya and Soifon rush to the place where there’s remnants of Ywhach.

Mayuri’s already there. Ywhach’s black mist spreads before his eyes.

The scene changes to the real world.

Renji and Rukia, husband and wife, bring their kid to play when they visit.

Inside the house are Tatsuki, Asano, the rest of the former classmates, and Ichigo’s two sisters (
Karin has big boobs. Yuzu has petite ones)

They’re all watching Chad’s WBO World Heavyweight Titlematch.

Ishida’s a doctor. He’s watching the match from his smartphone on the roof of the hospital.

From inside the room comes Orihime wearing an apron. It looks like she and Ichigo are married. Renji and Rukia’s kid was coming to the real world too, but she got lost along the way.

Rukia: “Don’t worry! She’s a shinigami! She can’t get injured by a human!”

Ichigo: “Isn’t she the type to pick a fight with a human!? Let’s go look for her!!”

The scene changes to the Yuzu’s room on the second floor the Kurosaki residence (it was Ichigo’s up intil now). A black, round hole opens up on the wall, and Ichigo and Orihime’s kid reaches his arm into it. As he does it, Yhwach’s black mist suddenly disappears in Soul Society.

The once again confined Aizen: “Yhwach’s last power has finally disappeard, huh?”

*Flashback Starts*

A cut in half Yhwach: “You have closed the path, Ichigo”

“The path to a world free of fear”

“The living and the dead were supposed to become one”

“It’s unfortunate. Thanks to you, the form of life and death will not change, and people will continue on their lives fearing death.”


*Flashback ends*

Aizen: “A world without death is one where people do not search for hope. Even if people only continue onwards just to live, that is a matter completely different than continuing onwards to escape fear. Therefore, people have put a special word on that path. Courage.”

A shinigami appears from the hole in the wall in Yuzu’s room. (A lively looking girl)

Ichigo’s kid: “Who’re you?”

Girl: “I’m Abarai Ichika! Shinigami-in-training!” *Her hairstyle is like Renji’s and her eyes are like Rukia’s.

Ichika: “And you are!?”

Kazui: “I’m Kurosaki Kazui! I’m also a shinigami!”

He changes into a shinigami robe and pulls out a zanpakutou.

A surprised Ichika: “HUH!?”

Bleach 686 Death & Strawberry


Bleach will be receiving a live action film in 2018.

  • anakin

    live action and not anime?? WTF

    • Johnathan Enfield

      Let’s pray that this is somehow a mistake

    • MavusiKenpachi

      I hope it’s as good as Blood, and not as bad as Dragon Ball.

  • KaidoTheBeast

    Is this confirmed? Thanks Yonkou

  • Thx for the spoilers.\nLet the ship war begin!

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      The shipping war is over. Yay for IchiHima and RenjiRukia. <3 :3

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  • sorrensoris

    Wow it’s fucking shit. Jesus Christ KUBO you’re a fucking dumbass.

    • Carlos Ramon

      Delicious Tears

      • sorrensoris

        Not tears. More like anger and confusion. This ending goes against everything KUBO built up. Ishdos promised never to be a doctor. Chad promised never to use his fists for personal gain and now he’s a champion boxer. The kids of ichihime and renruki have absolute fanfic tier names and none of it makes sense anyway. What happened to the captains ceremony? It’s a complete detachment from last chapters normalcy. It’s fake. Yonkou is bullshitting hard.

        • On the Front Page!

          “B-b-b-buh it’s fake!”\n\n\nJust admit that Kubo is a fucking hack.

        • Keramat Angkasa Infiniti

          your tears are delicious

        • glorilol 95

          please don’t cry XD your tears are delicious…your hate is a enjoyement

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      angry ichiruki shipper

      • sorrensoris

        Lol go back to /v/ you pussy.

        • doflamemego

          so salty. /a/ is that way

          • well, that’s only because there’s been a shit ton of romantic development for ichiruki and not ichihime. and i say this as someone not emotionally invested in either pairing. could you imagine their marriage? \n\nIchigo: “I’m so depressed, Inoue.”\nOrihime: “Hold on, Kurosaki-kun! I’ll call Kuchiki over and she’ll dry up all your rain!”\n\nSee how bad that makes the IchiHime pairing be? Rukia has influenced every bit of Ichigo’s life for the good, meanwhile Ichigo called Orihime a slut. Kubo hates Orihime so much that he’ll put her in a pairing where the guy doesn’t love her at all. Sad.

          • doflamemego

            damn the delusion is strong in you\n\nthere had been zero romantic development for ichiruki. ichigo and rukia are not and were never in love with one another. at least with ichihime orihime loves ichigo. thats more than ichiruki has.\n\n”ichigo called orihime a slut” no he did. perhaps your should actually read the manga.\n\nalso lol at u upvoting ur own comment. sad.

          • Surgeon Of Death

            Ichigo and Rukia have always been friends. You can tell in the Soul Society arc that Renji and Rukia were more romantic based during Renji’s flashback.

    • Keramat Angkasa Infiniti

      congratulations. You’re just being KUBOed hard.

    • Daniel Rodrigues

      I know, right? I had really hoped the Yhwach would appear and kill everyone!

      • leandro lima

        would have been the only ending to redeem the rushing.

    • blablablabla

      you know I am not an IchiHime shipper but calling Kubo a dumbass because he didnt write HIS story the way you nitwits want is the BIGGEST reason I avoided IchiRuki shippers. You guys think you know better than the author himself? I would have accepted Ichigo ending up with either of them or neither of them honestly. I only shipped Orihime with Ulquiorra. But to see this sort of response to a writer just because they didnt write what YOU want, is immature. Grow up. The way he wrapped it makes sense given that he was rushed. and it was very clear in the final arc that IchiRuki wont be a thing. Kubo has spent way too much time on RenRuki for it to be one.

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    Can’t be helped, The Kurosakis are into big boobs.

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        No.. Mental programming

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      uryuu share a same fate with his father…

    • Steven Huyen Tran

      …I don’t know. I expected something different. Like Uryuu and Orihime and Ichigo and Rukia. (Sigh) can complain as much as I want it won’t really change anything.\n\nBut it just looks like the relation between Ichigo and Rukia were just kinda wasted. There were so many build ups and many times they were featured together and all of their hardships and suffering only to end up as friends.\n\n(Sorry. But let me get this out. I am probably not the only one with an opinion like this.)

      • Zachary Bower

        I wouldn’t say it’s “wasted,” just that it was never intended to be romantic. Kubo basically implied that & there weren’t any scenes that couldn’t be explained as platonic. I sort of guessed it after each arc ended with a scene where they could have pursued a romance but didn’t, plus them not interacting at all in the later parts of the Blood War Arc. Eventually, I begin to suspect that the development fans assure me “is totally coming” is never coming, & once Orihime joined Ichigo in the final battle, that’s when I knew the deal was pretty much sealed.

      • Kyukuro Tenshi

        i agree so much with u

      • ecchi4life

        they couldnt do Rukia and Ichigo, there are too many things too consider such as Rukia being 100 years older than Ichigo, the fact that she is A SPIRIT AND NOT LIVING! its not a waste it is just what naturally should have happened if you think about it it was highly hinted that Orihime loved him and during the rescue in hueco mundo arc it hasnt been hinted that clearly that Rukia loved him

        • Steven Huyen Tran

          Sorry. But I think your explanation are missing things. Ichigo is technically a son of a shinigami and he can freely enter the form so it is not impossible and well of course it is clear as day Orihime were in love with him. Does age even matter at all? This is an anime/manga. Besides don’t you understand? Spirits used to be living people before their souls entered Soul Society.

          • ecchi4life

            ok so you completely missed the point, Ichigo can freely enter his shinigami form sure but in the end he is living and she is dead that should be reason enough for them not to be together, and it does matter that Orihime loved him because that was kubo hinting at the pairing

          • Steven Huyen Tran

            I think you are a bit off. Isshin were originally also dead have you forgotten his relation with Masaki Kurosaki a living quincy?\n\nSure it was hinted but never actually Ichigo returned her feelings. It is already been decided whatever you try to convince me on. \n\nThe chapter ended and pairs have decided. And if you want to explain clearly to me then add all the missing info/facts before writing.

          • ecchi4life

            you are the one who is off it doesnt matter if Ishin was a shinigami the fact of the matter is that Ichigo doesnt need a gigai to stay in the real world because he has A LIVING BODY!!!!!!!!!!! AND RUKIA DOES NOT HENCE RUKIA IS COUNTED AS BEING DEAD!!!!!!!! and i dont need to put in any facts because you know for a fact that there were no clear signs that Rukia loved Ichigo hence since there was only one female character that had clear feelings for him it can be deduced that she was going to be the one that was paired with him the same way Hinata was paired with Naruto leaving out Sakura

          • Steven Huyen Tran

            …You know raising your voice isn’t gonna make me understand better. Besides it has already been decided like I said before.

          • ecchi4life

            its not meant to make you understand it is meant for emphasis a word that might just be a little hard for your 12 yr old brain to comprehend at this moment the same as the logic that a living person should rightfully be paired with a living person and not a dead person

  • Ruben Browning

    TETAS ENDING !!!!!!\n\n\nPERFECT !!

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    • WaterBreath

      Like Oda isn’t a hack either. One Piece went to shit when it went full DBZ power level bullshit in the Dressrosa arc. Quit kidding yourself.

      • On the Front Page!

        Let the salt flow through you.\n\n\n:^)

        • WaterBreath

          What salt? I’m not even that big of a Bleach fan. \n\nSeems to me you’re more salty that I made fun of One Piece.

          • On the Front Page!

            “What salt?”\n\n\nSalt detected.

          • WaterBreath

            Whatever helps you sleep at night anon.

          • Suika Nine

            there is no salt only sugar, spice and everything nice.

      • Just because Dressrosa lasted for so long does not mean it went “full DBZ power level”. >_>

    • Surgeon Of Death

      Being forced to end a series w/o the way you intended doesn’t make you a, hack.

    • How do you figure? The next generation of manga is already making an impact. My Hero Academia, for example, is now one of the big guns for Jump like One Piece, Bleach and Naruto have been for so long. Hell, MHA IS the new Naruto! (Fans, don’t take it the wrong way. MHA’s biggest influence was Naruto, so of the big 3 to take over from, Naruto would be the most appropriate.)

    • Ben Kennedy

      One Piece will reign, king of the filler.

  • WaterBreath

    So when do we get spoiler pics?

  • Two important things:\n\n1- Karin has big boobs.\n\n2- The End.

  • Shelly the kid

    Kubo. King of the trolls! Lasted until the end of time itself. 😉

  • analfistbuttsex

    So Karin has big boobs but he can’t bring up anything on the what happened to the remaining Espada? Or what the hell happened to Kisuke and Shihōin are up to. Damn, this seems almost likely to be a Kubo ending.

    • blablablabla

      He was rushed into it. I REALLY hope there will be a Boruto type new mini manga which explains what happened to Isshin and Urahara. And also explains how Orihime and Ichigo went from friends to a married couple with a child in 10 years (the child looks a good 8-9 years old so it happened pretty quickly after the Ywach fight too). Also what are Grimm and Nel upto?

      • Ben Kennedy

        Grimm and Nel probably went to Hueco Mundo and saved Harribel.

  • this shit is so bad it has to be fake, man. im laughing so hard. if it is real kubo won’t be able to sell SHIT anymore.

    • Surgeon Of Death

      Says the guy with a Sasuke and Sakura icon.

      • leandro lima

        he is right tho lol the ending is super shitty.

        • Surgeon Of Death

          A rushed ending is a rushed ending.

  • why not post the raws then? i asked you already but you haven’t responded. so if you have the jump cover then you should have the raws as well. so post something that proves the IH stuff is real :^)

  • Uriel Sánchez Trincado

    This makes no sense! How could Renji and Rukia visit the human world AT THE SAME TIME Yhwach’s mist appears while Rukia was getting promoted?\n\nI hope this is fake. It’s horrible. And I’ve never cared about shipping and that kind of crap.

    • Johnathan Enfield

      The live action part is the worst part of this

    • blablablabla

      yeah I didnt get that either. But the art is pretty legitimate. I mean that IS Kubo’s signature art. I am not sure why he wrapped it up with more plot holes, but he is a troll. Lets wait till 22nd as some forums are saying it will be “finally” out on 22nd? I dont know.

    • Zachary Bower

      In the chapter itself, Mayuri indicates that he was deliberately withholding the information (likely to keep the discovery to himself), so by the time the other Captains caught wind of it, Rukia & Renji had already left.

  • Kubo troll master. Your servant salute you!

  • Kisshot

    Yonkou, did you upload this? Is this legit?

    • webduelist

      686 is full color, so that is fake.

      • Kisshot

        It’s not fake. 686 is NOT full color. Only the 1st page.

        • KaidoTheBeast

          Correct only 1st page is in color. Not the full chapter. This picture is real.

          • webduelist

            Picture turned out to be fake, but the rest was wishful thinking on my part, years spent buying this manga for a crappy ending like that.

        • webduelist

          ok, well the cross hatching is not kubos style, and it was clearly not drawn by him.

    • Surgeon Of Death

      Aww, she’s cute.

  • NejiHyuga900

    Yay! IchiHima and RenjiRukia canon! <3 So surprised both my Naruto and Bleach shippings became canon (except for NejiTen and KonoHana of Naruto but everything became canon <3 ).

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    Pics or it never happen!!!!

  • Angritice Hood

    Guys let me clear this up .This is perfect because Even if Tite Kubo said this manga will not be romantic he meant that it will not be solely based on Romance so marrying off character is another way of symbolizing the peace of the world ,as well as growing up.Ichiruki was never a thing because their “relationship” was a brother and sister relationship.For example when Rukia drew on Ichigo’s face who here doesn’t have a playful best friend or a prankster sibling, another example When Ichigo saved Rukia from Byakuya he did not once proclaim love and in fact made a speech about protecting your family. Taking this in mind We could assume Ichigo hinting that Rukia was his sister in a way since Byakuya was going to let her die.With Ichihime yes at first it was was one sided but as the relationship grew They slowly became closer Orihime giving Ichigo advice or Cheering him on strengthening him, Ichigo taking in account of Orihime’s safety being highly erratic at the thought of her harmed. Also with the lose ends He might attended to add stuff or he wants to leave it at that, that’s just how it goes.

    • blablablabla

      I agree. I understand why people liked to romanticize Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship, but to me Kubo has very clearly laid out the foundations of a RenRuki romantic relationship. Ichigo and Rukia are strictly friends. The only thing he didnt do well (probably for fear of irking shippers or keeping them on the edge) is etch out Ichigo’s feelings towards Orihime, making Orihime look like she is eternally caught in a one sided crush situation. I wish he will do another mini manga like Boruto, to explain all the loose ends. Kishi did the same and it was pretty good and explained a out of nowhere pairing like SaruSaku pretty well.

      • Angritice Hood

        Facts I hope he doesn’t troll forever and give us an explanation

  • Gabriel Brito Vieira

    IchiHime whit love.

  • leandro lima

    what a shitty ending… i really hope this is a troll…

  • Fuck.

  • Mikasa Mihoko

    No way, my ichiruki!!!!!!!!

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  • seraphrei

    if this is true, how disappointing really\n\nWHERE THE FUCK IS URAHARA-SAMA????????????????

  • Dibyasree

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????? This isn’t possible……… I’ve always hated Orihime!!!! I wanted Ichigo to remain single.. Anyway.. this doesn’t explain anything at all.. WHO THE HELL IS THE NEW SOUL KING??????????????????????????????????????????????????? And Renji and Rukia are married???????? What the hell…………………. Bleach was my all-time favourite!!! If this is true then all my love for Bleach will drop to hate in one single chapter

    • Ben Kennedy

      Because he gets with Orihime?\nThis is the same bullshit Naruto fans pulled at the end of Naruto.

  • blablablabla

    Man I have shipped Renji and Rukia since TIME! So I was so so so happy to see them together. My Orihime ship sunk when Ulquiorra died. But I am happy Orihime finally got some of that Kurosaki ass. 😛 Their kid looks ADORABLE and they DO make a really hot couple. I like how this ended and Kubo didnt make defacto ships like Kishimoto did with Naruto. I would LOVE to get a Boruto type after chapter to shed more light on exactly HOW Ichigo finally reached puberty and got into Orihime. With Renji and Rukia, I have always loved their history and to be at least it was pretty well foreshadowed that they were recovering their lost connection throughout Bleach. IchiHime does seem a bit sudden, so would be good to go back into how that happened. OMG Bleach has been my last 10 years, and now I feel so so empty!

  • Damn dude…\n

  • Srisha Belur

    It really sucks with what the JUMP did to Bleach.. We never got to see what happened to Zero squad, Soul King, URAHARA, Yoruichi, Her Brother!!!, The ESPADAS, Komamura, Isshin and Ryuuken??? I can’t believe they forgot about URAHARA!!!!! URAHARA FREAKING KISUKE!!!!

    • blablablabla

      Well Yoruichi’s brother should be fine. My guess is Urahara is somehow involved in maintaing whatever is occupying the place of soul king. Looking at the final chapter and Ywach’s true motives I feel like this could have been epic but somehow SJ and Kubo miscoordinated BIG TIME.

  • dan jurado

    So does anyone know if urahara and yoruichi are alive? Or did they and grimmjow die while fighting that Quincy?

  • Evercross

    Just finished reading the last manga issue of Bleach. It was one of my favorite series, but this ending is horrible. So many plot holes. So much missing information. Seriously, this is total BS. I HATE when people can’t end a story properly.

  • Kaliea

    This was quite possibly the most un-earned ending I’ve ever seen/read/heard of in my life.