Attack On Titan Chapter 92 Spoilers


  • Isayama pls

  • what even is this

    I have no idea what’s going on anymore

  • GingFreecksClone

    For those who can read Jp that is called ‘a released chapter’ lmao XD didn count the pages tho, I might be wrong. But I already saw it in Korean online, entire. Not that I read either XD I understand spoken Jp tho… but anyway: I love the direction this manga is going. People, pls. Why hate on something so good.

    • WhatsAname

      Thankful for us, the non-jp readers, this isn’t all the pages lmao

      • GingFreecksClone

        Yep, noticed. 40+ heh. Damn u, Isayama

  • Giannis P

    new kabaneri chapter looks good