Attack On Titan Chapter 89 Spoilers


  • Zzeroo Requiem


  • nour el islam Lounis

    that’s fast what’s going on there ? :p

    • Holiday miracle lol

      • nour el islam Lounis


  • I not so good with nihongo but… isn’t Eren Kruger mentioning Mikasa and Armin and Eren’s father asks who are they in the last page?\nhow is that even possible O_O in a flashback?

    • Symbol de Au

      Yeah, that guy whose name I unfortunately forgot is like “I don’t understand. Whose memory is this?” or something.\n\nI’m not so good with nihongo either. I had to look up that last kanji on Jisho. New word get though. That makes 3 today! 2 of them were English, but whatever. Thanks Goblin Slayer.