Attack On Titan Chapter 87 Spoilers


Chapter 87: Border line.


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  • MikasaSlayz

    well you now know who ate erens mummy

    • Lounis Nei

      yep theories are right

    • Alisonn

      My mind cant take it :v damnnn

  • WolfyPlayz
  • Alex Drake

    And so it all comes full circle

  • Yesssssssssssssssss

  • Sakuya

    YES!!! COME ON!! I’M READY!!!

  • Emberiam Quinup
  • Maluta Philipp

    – Grisha, how did you save? 
\n- I didn’t! They killed me!
\n- ???\n
- Ah, my favorite joke!

  • MarinaLightweight

    Se que no me entenderás un carajo porque te estoy escribiendo en español, pero \nJSDCSDZHCIHSZCOHZOCHIZSHCSZPZSVKIPHV \n¡ME VOY A MORIR! Muchisimas gracias por los spoilers, te amo infinito.

    • Higurashi Edizu

      Yo te entiendo :3 \nPobre Grisha :'(

    • find_me8

      Y conmigo somos 10!

  • Uooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!

  • Lais Cardoso

    A mãe do Eren foi devorada pela primeira esposa do Grisha! OMG! D=

    • Charles Linlinker

      Tenso né? Que ironia!

    • Deverson Rafael


  • outsider

    Thank you yonkouprod

  • Herion Pholdee

    Smile titan is grisha wife ?

    • Mystogan

      Seems like it

    • Ihsan Fikrie

      pretty much confirmed

    • Dina Fritz is Grisha’s first wife, and she was turned into the Titan known as the smiling Titan that ate Grisha’s second wife (Carla)

      • Crystal

        Thanksgiving with the Yeagers:\n\nGrisha: Eren that’s your second turkey\nEren: *pointing at Carla* And that’s your second wife

      • Banan Saeed

        imagine being so bitter that ur husband remarried that u eat his wife damn

        • Ikr. Jealous wife much

  • Mystogan


    • Just Apple

      Go back to edolas lol.

  • Jack Steaven

    Blond hair man is Ervin Smith Father

  • Blossom Blair

    Okey i’m confused as shit.\nSo is this the entire chapter or just a little of it?

    • Lisun

      a little

    • Mystogan

      There’s only like 7 full pages here with addtional panels… it’s not even half of the chapter

  • fairuza muharammy

    so the Blond man who save Grisha was the owl?\nhe changed into titan and somehow the titan looks like eren’s\nit means Grisha ate him at some point later\nand then Eren ate Grisha\nbecause of that, Eren has the same titan with the owl?\n\nbut, as i googled again…Grisha’s titan had beard\nand different from owl or eren’s titan\n\nisn’t eating titans mean you has the same power as the user?\nArmin eat Bertolt means Armin titan gonna be colossal \nif armin titan still gonna be the little titan like before (when he ate bertolt) then we gonna lose such a good titan (colossal)\n\nBUT AGAIN\nYmir titan stay the same before and after she ate marcel

  • Acktualli Dany

    are we going to ignore how Grisha lacks a penis or what

  • Jessica Neema

    Jesus, what the hell. Its awful. Those people are sick.

  • T97

    So this is where Eren’s titan form came from. I suppose this guy is the night owl from the last chapter

    • That’s what I thought too.

  • Ymira

    Okay who tf is that Titan that looks like Eren’s. 4 days till this is released now .°(ಗдಗ。)°.

    • Alisonn

      I wonder too

      • adornmxnt


  • n8

    Soldier guy: “Fuck this hat”\n*turns into titan*

  • Wallaby

    I’m so excited for this chapter. And I guess my sister is right, the smile titan is Grisha’s wife

  • ERen jaEgAR

    Why did the keep Grisha on hold? O.o

  • Jumin Han

    oh boi people talking about Grisha dick because its small but dont understand the fact its not erected its actually sunked in from cold or scared xD

    • Angeline Truong

      i dont think anyones dick would be erect if they were going through something like that lol

  • Larcade

    Damn…..this is going to be lit

  • Omai

    Can you imagine what next month will bring?