One Piece: Chapter 851





  • OMG !!!!!!!! so Pudding is an Evil Bitch twice confirmed. finally. and Big Mon always looks so 3D, it’s amazing. best visual depth Oda has ever given a character thus far imho. Also, Luffy is an idiot. u fight using ur hands, baka~

  • BerserkerDog

    Did you work with Jaimini’s Box? Both your and their scans are nearly identical.

  • Mby it is all so she can play the villain, n give Sanji the insentive to hate her finally, n return to his friends. N to eventually make a fuss n chaos n let them escape. If so, nice one Oda. Esp since Sanji will probably know anyway later on n they both will suffer greatly. But his eyes would still be hearts. \n\nNot that I believe she is not evil tho