One Piece Chapter 850 Spoilers


Title: A Ray of light

Bropper is looking for Luffy and the others from the Mirror World, but he’s having a hard time as there are too many mirrors.

Change to Sanji’s room

Sanji goes to bring food to Pudding

Prisoner Library

Luffy tries to escape even at the cost of ripping off his arms

3F Interior Garden

Pedro and Tamago face off
Tamago asks Pedro why he returned
Pedro strongly claims that he believes the SH crew to be the ones who will bring a new dawn to the world
Pedro slices Tamago in two

In front of Pudding’s room

The door (which has had a soul put into it) doesn’t let Sanji inside
Sanji gives up and goes to enter the room from the veranda of the room next to it
Peeking inside from the window, we see Reiju and a 3-eyed Pudding, sitting on chairs
Pudding’s jeering at Sanji
Pudding is one of Mom’s favorites, very good at acting, she framed the SH too

Prisoner Library

Luffy flashback
Pudding whispering into his ears

Pudding: “Why I won’t marry? Because that fool who fell head over heels for me…will be shot dead during the ceremony”
Pudding: “You won’t be left alive either”プリン
Pudding: “Farewell, o pitiful little mice.”プリン

Pudding’s room

Reiju’s hands are tied and she’s bleeding from her legs

Pudding: “Mom was aiming at your clone soldiers and technology since the beginning”
Pudding: “The whole Germa Kingdom is inside our territory now.”
Pudding: “You did a fine job, flies swarming to the sweet dessert of Sanji’s political marriage (heart) Just as Mom planned!”
Pudding: “The Vinsmoke family will be massacred during tomorrow’s ceremony.”

Sanji listens to Pudding in the thunderstorm, a blank expression on his face


  • Galen Vaughn

    Holy fuck lol will the chapter be out tomorrow yonkou?

  • Larcade

    I knew it!!! Pudding can’t be trusted!!

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    And this is how the Year of Sanji ends. Fucking beautiful.

    • nour el islam Lounis

      the fight will takes like 1 year in the manga next year is in the union of the marines or idk who i think black beard and dragon will be there also for a great fight :3 after we will see wano chapter mean till wano chapter is like 18 months as always :3

  • GarnetTil

    no twist here, as many people expected this bound to be happen. the only mystery now is Brook DF

    • Koiy

      Actually there’s no mystery with Brook at all, is a Yonkou, everyone knows the result. Pudding’s true colors and Sanji’s blank face is what is really worthy here. Even being predictable, this development it’s still too damn good.

    • Radradya

      It will be the key SH run from Totland. The perfect fruit againts BM

  • Koiy

    Damn, better than I expected.

  • I still think it is possible Oda tries to pull a two headed hydra on us. In the sense that while all she says is true, she might have really fallen for Sanji half way and now she plans to ruin both families FOR Sanji’s sake. But until i have pictures… AND I never ‘wanted’ her to be this or that, i am not the type to follow the lead of some strange desires plot-wise. I just analyse and try to see the outcome. Plus, as always, I ‘never defend my own thinking’.

    • NV

      based on what happened on seducing woods and other events, don’t you think pudding is just a pure deceitful evil woman as she is now? and if there’s gonna be another plot twist after this, it will be so confusing lol

      • That is the point. Oda is aiming at the psychodelic experience of having our minds split in disbelieve. Imho. And probably we wont even egt a straight up answer to her motives. Not that I am believing what I am saying, it just occured to me somehow.

        • NV

          at first I thought she says that just to pitting The Vinsmokes and Big Mom’s Crew to create an opportunity for The Straw Hats to escape, but the fact that she also said Luffy and others won’t make it out alive clearly shows us that she’s just one of Big Mom’s favorite subordinate

          • She did, lol. I was kinda in a hurry and didn read thoroughly

      • The Sublime Bitch Pudding. Maybe she can even read thoughts through her third eye, who knows. And thus she always is a step ahead of the ithers, always knowing what will make them move for her…

        • NV

          but that is Viola’s abilty, i guess that third eye can see through the future, or even cast a Mugen Tsukuyomi like Kaguya idk

          • Viola saw the heart, indeed. But somehow I cannot think Pudding has the eye as rhe debil fruit ability tho

    • Amaterasu

      Remember sanji “man forgives woman lies”

      • But what if she eventually falls due to Sanji’s own actions ? And if he eventually vows not to touch a woman again, because ‘he is married’ ?? :p

        • Fernando Alves

          Sanji is a sissypussy. He will believe in anything Pudding says to him. \nSanji is a pitfull character.

          • Kind’a correct. Kind of not :p he is just always a slave to his mental penis

      • Sanji’s equivalent of Ace’s death

      • NotLikeThis41412

        not only that, sanji would never hurt a woman even..\nand never forget, “Onna no namida wo utagawane!!!”

  • Amaterasu

    It’s kinda similiar with viola situation

  • The theme of this arc is deception imho. It is a spy story imho.

  • Yassin Elberkani

    during the last two chapters (including this one), all i want to know is what happened to Reiju!!

    • ayep

      did you not read?i think we can know what happen

      • Yassin Elberkani

        reading what ?! \nher family (except Sanji) don’t even know where she is + she was bleeding before meeting Pudding in her room. would you please tell why she is bleeding ?! (but what i also want to know if she tried to deffend herself)

  • Zzeroo Requiem

    i fucking knew it that shes just pretending!! damn!!

  • LoveAnimation

    Sanji obviously cant leave the Straw Hat crew so something needed to happen with Pudding so he either could not stay with her or did not want to stay with her anymore.

    • ayep

      did you not read?big mom crew just want to kill em all

      • LoveAnimation

        I meant that Sanji obviously could not marry Pudding so something needed to prevent that.

        • ayep

          well, your statement confuse me there, still

  • Maddox

    Plot twist

  • nour el islam Lounis

    so nami vs pudding

  • Radradya

    Sanji should awaken his haoshoku now.